10 Memorable Quotes from Business Guru Richard Branson


Richard Branson, born in the United Kingdom, is one of the founding fathers of modern

Sir Richard Branson

business practices throughout the world. This business guru is famous worldwide for his creation and operation of the Virgin Group, which funds and operates over four hundred unique businesses. Forbes.com estimates Branson’s worth at just over four billion dollars, and this number isn’t expected to decline any time soon.

As far as role models go for entrepreneurs and businesspeople, Richard Branson is a phenomenal choice. The man’s dedication to his business ventures as well as his obvious success have made him a sort of business Mecca for individuals looking to get some helpful advice or some valuable tips. Lucky for them, Richard Branson is extremely generous when it comes to offering his two bits’ worth of wisdom to the next generation of business professionals. Branson is quoted in thousands of publications, online journals, blogs, and social media accounts simply because his advice is poignant, succinct, and incredibly helpful.

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Here are 10 great quotes from business guru Richard Branson that will prompt you to get off your feet and turn a business concept into a thriving enterprise.

1. “You…must understand the art of delegation.” Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a huge proponent of delegating tasks and spreading the responsibilities of business management out over a large group of people. One of the easiest ways for an entrepreneur to become overwhelmed by business is to try to tackle too much responsibility on his or her own. In the initial phases of business operation, of course, your business may be a one-man enterprise. As you grow, though, it’s important to know when to hand over the reins. Assigning and delegating takes trust and faith in others, but these are important qualities for an entrepreneur to have.

2. “Business opportunities are like buses.” Richard Branson

At first glance, this quote by Branson sounds a little strange. He ends this quote, though, by saying “There’s always another one coming.” Richard Branson’s point is that entrepreneurs shouldn’t worry about missing the opportunity of a lifetime. If you miss out on a single opportunity, the most effective way to waste your time is to stress about the missed chance. Be patient and wait. There will be another business opportunity coming. When it does come, you’ll be ready to take it instead of waiting for it to pass you by.

3. “Every day I’m learning something new.” Richard Branson

Richard Branson’s poignant quote illustrates the importance of continuing education for entrepreneurs. The world is constantly changing and adapting, and business owners must ride the front of this wave of change rather than getting pulled along in the rip tide. Taking courses, attending lectures, and doing a little online research are great ways to stay abreast of current business trends.

4. “If you have a good team around you… you might make something happen.” Richard Branson

No entrepreneur is going to make big changes in an industry all by himself or herself. Good entrepreneurship requires team efforts every step of the way. This is why it is so important for businesspeople to surround themselves with high quality employees, forward-thinking investors, and even other business professionals who can provide helpful and timely advice.

5. “Create something you are proud of.” Richard Branson

One of the keys to creating a successful business is to work on creating something you are proud of. Whether you’re creating a brand concept, a new product, a more advanced service, or even just a new idea, be sure that you’re putting every iota of creative talent to work. When you’re proud of your creation, your business is more likely to succeed.

6. “A business has to be involving…it has to be fun.” Richard Branson

A business idea can be engaging and seemingly profitable on the surface, but if you and your team aren’t involved in the business and having fun during the process, frustration and fatigue will inevitably sink in. Going into business for yourself should give you joy, not endless headaches. Invest in a business concept that interests you; you’ll be glad that you did.

7. “You learn by doing, and by falling over.” Richard Branson

A huge part of successful business creation is failure. This is a concept that many entrepreneurs take years to learn. Richard Branson’s quote reveals the fact that he learned a great deal about the business world by falling flat on his face. The world may have looked at these occurrences and labeled them failures, but Richard Branson picked himself up and chalked the experience up as a learning opportunity.

8. “Enjoy every minute of every day.” Richard Branson

Entrepreneurs often get so involved with their business endeavors that they forget to take time to slow down and simply enjoy life while it’s being lived. If you get too caught up in the daily grind, you’re more likely to become exhausted with work. When you are exhausted, you aren’t able to give your best effort. Enjoy life and take time for pleasure and fun.

9. “…if I have any money, I invest it in new ventures…” Richard Branson

This is an important concept for entrepreneurs. Money sitting in a savings account is doing nothing for your business. Investing money in new concepts and new ventures will keep your business moving forward.

10. “…I’ve seen life as one long learning process.” Richard Branson

Above all, view life itself as a learning opportunity. Failures, successes, strokes of luck, the presence of obstacles, and all other life experiences are opportunities to gain knowledge and information that may help you in the future.

These 10 memorable quotes by Richard Branson offer incredible insight into the methods of a genius businessman.

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