10 Reasons Why Successful People Always Win

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Recently, Forbes.com featured a contribution by writer Paul B. Brown. The case study

Success and Winning

posted on the Forbes website discussed the reasons why the most successful entrepreneurs throughout the world seem to continue in their successful paths while people who are familiar with failure seem to keep right on failing. This is a fascinating case study that is worth reading because it explores a frustrating scenario that many struggling entrepreneurs wrestle with on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs often have to watch as their contemporaries and associates reach milestone after milestone even while their own efforts seem to continually smash into brick walls and obstacles.

How do successful people win? It’s a question I, too, have asked myself time and again during my own personal journey. While it’s impossible to lump every success story into the same mold, it is possible to evaluate some of the common traits that successful people possess. These character traits often dictate whether or not a person will succeed in life. If you can train yourself to adopt some of these character traits and habits and incorporate them into your business plan of action, you’ll quickly be joining the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who keep on adding “wins” to their business scoreboard. Here are ten reasons why successful people seem to always win:

They Decide at the Beginning of Their Journey to Never Quit

First, successful individuals decide at the beginning of their journeys to never quit no matter what obstacles or frustrations they encounter. This simple decision is crucial to the successful journey of an entrepreneur. Understand, no matter what business endeavor you pursue you are going to encounter difficulties. You’re going to experience moments when you want to give up, call it a day, cash in your chips, and walk away with what you have left. By removing this option from the table, entrepreneurs are more likely to consider possibilities rather than exit strategies.

They Create Lists of Far-Reaching Goals

Successful people generate wins in their lives by creating lists of far-reaching goals. These are the dream goals that an entrepreneur may aspire to for his or her entire life. There is no limit on what these goals can be. Reach for the moon when you are making far-reaching goals. I tell my associates, friends, and colleagues to think outside the box, get a little crazy, and make some ridiculous goals for your life. Do you want to be the richest man in the world? Write it down on your list.

They Create Lists of Micro-Goals

Successful people know, however, that a list of crazy, far-reaching, and extravagant goals isn’t going to accomplish much on a Monday when a laundry list of business tasks is commanding their attention. That’s why successful entrepreneurs also create lists of micro-goals. These small and easily achievable goals may be things you want to accomplish in the next month, the next week, the next day, or even in the next hour. Every time you achieve one of these small goals, you can know that you are one step closer to developing a winning streak.

They Take Small Steps Toward Achieving Their Goals Every Single Day

That doesn’t mean you can forget about your big, far-reaching goals. Every single day, winning entrepreneurs take small, measured steps in the direction of their goals. If you just focus on tedious tasks every day without pursuing a dream, you’re going to lose hope very quickly.

They Step Right Over Failure

Failure is inevitable in the business world, and that’s something that successful, winning entrepreneurs understand very quickly in their business journey. The reason why business professionals are able to turn failures into wins is that they step over failures instead of letting a missed opportunity drag them down and cause frustration or despair. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. Learning and growing constitute wins in my book, and they should in yours, too.

They Know How to Network

Successful people always win because they know how to network and leverage the power of a network to help them achieve their goals. You can’t make a profound impact in the business community by yourself. You can spearhead your own success, but you are going to have to have a powerful network backing you up.

They Know When to Ask for Help

It can be lonely on an entrepreneurial journey, and that’s why successful people know that the best way to win is often to ask for help. You don’t have to do everything on your own. In fact, if you try, you’ll likely run into barriers more quickly than if you continually ask for advice and assistance from your mentors or contemporaries.

They Know When to Cut Ties with Negative People

Successful people also win quite often because they know what kind of people they need to be surrounded with. If you are around people with negative attitudes, your own attitude is going to be effective. Know when to cut the ties with negative people; the most successful entrepreneurs must have this skill.

They Celebrate Even the Smallest Accomplishments

A win doesn’t have to be a huge new client that is going to triple your profits or a multi-million dollar fiscal year. A win can be something as small as waking up on time and taking a jog before you begin your work day. Successful people continue winning because they know how to celebrate their accomplishments and keep their spirits high.

They Use Their Successes as Springboards for Greater Accomplishments

Did you know that success can be one of the biggest threats to future success? When you start succeeding in business, it’s easy to slack off your efforts and give business only a half-hearted effort. Successful people who keep on winning, however, know how to use their accomplishments as springboards for bigger and better accomplishments.

If you implement these ten success strategies that are responsible for the continual wins of successful people, you may see dramatic improvements in your own success journey.

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