The Top 100 Headlines in Marketing Part 1

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You know, one of things many people forget about in today’s world of constant Internet hype is the importance of headlines.

Of course, Newspapers clearly haven’t forgotten about them, but it doesn’t stop there because in one way or another headlines impact us every day and in almost every part of our lives. Just take a look in your local supermarket, everywhere you look there are “Headlines”, even down to the cans on the shelves and the packaging on cereal boxes. Think “Family Size Format” or “Multi Grain” although these are not what you generally think of as far as headlines are concerned, they are still headlines and relevant to the product and the customers desires.

Look in your local storefront windows, Headlines. Next time you see a string of billboards, check out the Headlines. When you are down at your local doctor’s check out the posters on the wall, Headlines. When you watch TV, Headlines. And when you’re browsing the Internet, Headlines. And the list goes on…

So regardless of what your business is, you will be using headlines of some sort.
The headlines you use in your business, whether it’s in print, on the wall, in the window, on your blog, on your website, or wherever your message is available to your customers and potential customers, is vitally important.

In fact, over the years I’ve proven that changing your headline can increase your sales by anything from 100% to 2000%, and I’m not just talking about in sales copy either.
So even if you are a particularly smart marketer, you can never research and test your headlines enough.

I had one customer who recently had been using the same headline for two or three years. When he first started to use it he had tested five or six headlines and settled on the one that performed the best. That was a good move. But since then he left the headline alone. Not such a good move. He was happy with the way it was performing. That was until I pointed out that his business could do a lot better by simply changing the headline.
I encouraged him to try to 3 new headlines, and sure enough his sales conversions went up.
And get this, they increased by a whopping 287%.

Usually on a new project I would suggest that you write down an absolute minimum of 25 headlines, and depending on the product or service being sold up to 100. Type them if you must, but I believe that if you write them by hand you get a much better “feel” for the headlines you’re creating. Now I’d never suggest trying and testing 100 headlines for one particular project unless you have a lot of traffic, as that would be an absolute nightmare for you to quantify, but I would highly recommend writing a good number of them down and then reviewing them to see which ones you think “feel” best. Don’t be afraid to share them around to get other people’s input as it can be a really interesting experience and often give you some surprising results, but remember that it’s your decision, so be impartial and go with your gut.  When you pick the best 5 or 6 give them a good test to ultimately get the one that performs the best.

Now, I frequently get asked what sort of headlines sell.

Naturally, it can depend on the product or service is being offered, so what I’ve done is put together a list of over 500 headlines from various industries that over the years have been proven to work extraordinarily well. Use them as inspiration for your own headlines, look carefully for all the common denominators in each of them and get writing!

Here are the first 100, keep watching out for my future blogs for the remaining 400.

Headlines that SELL

1.    82 Year Old New Yorker Reveals Lifelong Marketing And Selling Secrets Before He Dies!

2.    Renegade Travel Agent Rips Covers Off The Guilty Secrets 99% Of Travel Agents Use To Rip You Off!

3.    World’s Most Successful Marketer Reveals Secrets That Could Earn You Millions!

4.    Amazing High-Speed Diet Pill Produces Extremel Fast Releasing!

5.    The Amazing Diet Secret Of A Desperate Housewife Who Was Scared Of Losing Her Husband!

6.    Wife Of Famous Movie Star Gives Away 1,000 FREE Samples Of Perfume… Just To Prove It Is Safe To Wear In Public!

7.    Half Dead Cuban Washes Ashore In Miami With Amazing Secret That Can Double The Income Of Any American!

8.    Revealed: The Man Behind The World’s Most Successful Advertising Campaigns!

9.    44-Year Copywriting Veteran Lays Out No-Nonsense Pro Tips On How To Write Sizzling Copy!

10.    How To Burn-Off Body Fat… Even While You Sleep!

11.    The Amazing “Face-Lift-In-A-Jar” Used By Hollywood Stars Who Don’t Want Plastic Surgery!

12.    How To Pay Zero Income Tax And Not Wind Up In Jail!

13.    How To Have “Killer” Sex At Any Age… Even If You Don’t Deserve It!

14.    Why People In Vermont Are Healthier, Less Overweight, Stay Younger, Live Longer Than People Of Any Other State In The Union!

15.    “Filthy Rich”: Read This Letter To Find Out If You Really Want To Be Filthy Rich!

16.    What Everybody Ought To Know… About The Stock And Bond Business!

17.    Wife Of Auto Parts Owner Swears Under Oath She Did Not Use Sex To Get These Great Deals From Suppliers!

18.    Start Yourself On A Lifetime Of Winning At Poker!

19.    Top Trader Reveals Amazing Trading Breakthrough That’s Exploding The Profit Potential Of Traders Worldwide!

20.    5,000 Year Old Formula Pinpoints Key Market Turns With Sharpshooter-Like Precision – And How You Can Routinely Pluck Unfair Profits From The Stock, Futures Or Commodity Markets!

21.    Why A Hard-Nosed Millionaire Will Pay You $4.50 Just To Read A Magazine!

22.    The Ultimate Secret To Getting Almost Anyone To Fall In Love With You!

23.    How Did This Smirky, Tubby Nerd From Melbourne Australia Humiliate A Room Full Of Internet Millionaires… While They Greedily Clung To His Every Word?

24.    “Blacklisted” For Decades – This Controversial Trading Tactic Could Make You 425% Profits Every 5 Months!

25.    America’s Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant Reveals How He Moved From The End Of A Long Dirt Road Hiding From Bill Collectors To Fame And Fortune On The Internet!

26.    WARNING: Do NOT Try Any Other Weight Loss Diet Or Slimming Supplement Until You Get This FREE Report And Audio Tape!

27.    New Book By San Diego Man Reveals An Almost Magical Way To Make Money In Today’s Real Estate Market!

28.    An Old Money Secret For Generating Wealth – Outlawed For 41 Years, Now Legal Again!

29.    The Astonishing Secrets Of A Copywriting Rebel Who Was Forced To Create Killer Ads… Or Die!

30.    One Drop Of This Sexual Attractant Will Have Women Begging For You To Take Them Home!

31.    Make Up To 9 Times Your Money On “The Secret Oil War”!

32.    How To Rob A Bank Without A Gun!

33.    Tova Borgnine Swears Under Oath That Her New Perfume Does Not Contain “Illegal” Sexual Stimulant!

34.    How A Divorced, Devastated Attorney – Left For Broke And Heavy In Debt Discovered A Tax Saving System That Guarantees You An Extra $10,000 In Your Pocket This Year!

35.    Chemists Perfect Amazing Sex Scent That Makes 3 Out Of 4 Woman Give In!

36.    Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Discovers Amazing Secret That Could Lead To A Longer And Healthier Life For You And Your Family!

37.    The Shocking “Quick Kill” Secrets Of The Most Lethal Special Forces Exposed!

38.    FREE, Amazing E-Book Reveals Incredibly Easy Ways To Make A Bundle On The Net!

39.    How To Protect Yourself From Rip-Off Artists, Con-Men, Frauds, And Unethical Negotiations!

40.    Why Haven’t T.V. Owners Been Told These Facts?

41.    How To Make ALL The Money You Want Making Simple, High Profit Trades Every Single Day The Market Is Open… Guaranteed!

42.    The Astonishing Sex Secrets Of The Most Satisfied… Most Knowledgeable… And Most Respected Lovers In The World!

43.    Unleash The “Tycoon Mindset” And Create Businesses Overnight That Rake In The Cash Instantly, Even If You’re Kicking Back On Your Favourite Beach!

44.    How Does This Out-Of-Shape 55-Year-Old Golfer, Crippled By Arthritis And 71Lbs Overweight, Still Consistently Humiliate PGA Pros In Head-To-Head Matches By Hitting Every Tee Shot Farther And Straighter Down The Fairway?

45.    Extremely Low Prices From Local Furniture Store May Be Deemed “Unfair” To Competition!

46.    Free Website Reveals The Most Hard-Nosed, Realistic Money-Making Secrets On The Entire Internet!

47.    How To Get People To Beg You To Take Their Money… Without You Having To Grab Them Round The Throat And Threaten Them!

48.    Nerd From Ohio Swears Under Oath That His Ads And Sales Letters Do Not Contain Illegal Mind Control Tactics!

49.    Money-Making Website Secrets You Will Never Learn From Anyone Else!

50.    Advertising Genius Reveals How To Trade Stocks On The Internet!

51.    How To Protect Yourself Against All Lawyers… Including Your Own Attorney!

52.    Can You Afford The World’s Most Expensive Money-Making Book?

53.    What Will You Do When Your Personal Assets Are Seized To Satisfy A Judgement Against Your Corporation?

54.    Angry Wife Forces Local Businessman To Almost Give Away Everything He’s Got In Store!

55.    How To Get All The Money You Need Even If Your Bank Just Turned You Down!

56.    Discover The Amazing “Heart-Health” Secrets Of The Strongest… Most Energetic… And Most Successful People In The World!

57.    How To Wake Up The “Groggy” Financial Genius Lurking Inside You!

58.    The Amazing Lost Money Secret Of The U.S. Government!

59.    Discover How Your Telephone And A Cup Of Coffee Can Be Your Gold Mine Of Cash!

60.    How You Can Immediately Profit From 12 Secrets Of Outrageously Successful Entrepreneurs!

61.    How A Hot Dog Vendor’s Secrets Will Make You Wealthy In Alberta Real Estate!

62.    How An Advertising Secret That Created A Six-Year Backlog In Orders For Piano’s Can Get You More Business Than You Ever Imagined Possible!

63.    Discover The Amazing Formula That Even An Illiterate Drop-Out Can Use To Write Advertising 100 Times More Potent Than The Best Madison Avenue Ad Agency… Guaranteed!

64.    Dr. Sears Unlocks The Mystery Behind Memory Loss!

65.    Your Brain Is Trying To Kill Your Golf Game!

66.    Underground Leader Of Secret Society Finally Exposes The Most Deadly Hypnosis Techniques Ever Known To Man!

67.    Research Geek Stumbles Across Backdoor Way To (Legally) Get Inside The World’s Largest Swipe File Of Direct Response Display Ads!

68.    L.A. Doctor Discovers New Way To Lose Weight!

69.    Amazing New Sunglasses Improve Your Mood!

70.    Weird Device From N.A.S.A. Research Makes Your Car Get 200 MPG!

71.    Banned! Why The FDA Slammed The Door On Nature’s Best Cholesterol Buster…

72.    How To Use A Simple Sales Letter To Get Anything You Want!

73.    Housewife In Ohio Accidentally Invents A Bread That Miraculously Stops Your Appetite And Hunger!

74.    The Silver Bullet Conquers Nature’s Deadliest Disease Is About To “Go Public”!

75.    Former Fan Of Fluoride Now Warns Of Its Perils!

76.    At Last! China Reveals Her 1,300 Year Old Stay Young Secret!

77.    Announcing A Direct Response Advertising Agency That Will Out Pull Your Best Ad!

78.    Skinny Nerd From Atlanta Receives Death Threats After Uncovering Shocking Truth About Hypnosis!

79.    What C.I.A. Black Ops Officer Taught Me About Copywriting!

80.    Proof: Doctors Are More Dangerous Than Guns!

81.    Is It Immoral To Make Money This Easy?

82.    How To Keep Your Money From Being Murdered!

83.    Why Does An Ex-Loser, Turned Kitchen Table Millionaire, Want To Give You A Free Money Making Website That Instantly Puts Money Into Your Pocket All By Itself?

84.    Free Report Reveals How To Buy Real Estate Anywhere In The U.S. Without Using Cash, Credit Or Bank Financing!

85.    Son Of German Scientist Escapes From Russia And Goes Onto Develop A Commodity Trading System That Almost Never Fails!

86.    The “Underdog” Businessperson’s Guide To Creaming The Competition In A Rotten Economy!

87.    How A Blue-Collar Kid From Chicago Turned $400 Into $200 Million Using A Beginner’s System Anyone Can Learn!

88.    Florida Pro Gives Most Expensive Seminar In History Of Golf!

89.    Marketing Genius Now Offering FREE Trips To Key west, Florida For Denver Business Owner’s Who Want To Make Truly Huge Profits!

90.    How To Travel The World Whilst Making Up To £100,000 A Year Writing Simple Letters!

91.    How You Can Earn A “Killer” Income This Year… And Every Year… Until The Day You Die!

92.    How Long Do You Choose To Live?

93.    The Dirty Little Secrets Science And Religion Have Kept From You!

94.    Amazing Secrets Feminists Groups Want Banned!

95.    Insane Texas Marketer Discovers Amazing Formula That Sells Like Crazy!

96.    How To Collect Social Security At Any Age!

97.    How A Shy 16-Year-Old From Phoenix, Arizona Turned $650 Into $10 Million In Net Worth!

98.    Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed!

99.    The Amazing Blackjack Secret Of A Las Vegas Mystery Man!

100.    How To “Shut Down” You Opponents Brain In A Game Of Texas Hold’em And Lull Them Into “Feeding” You Their Money!

Know of any stellar headlines that you believe increase conversion? Tell us about is below in our comments section.