The Top 20 Qualities of a True Entrepreneur

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Many people believe that you should work ever harder to improve things that you are poor at – always striving to do better. Managers do this all the time, they send employees who have no interest in selling and are no good at it on sales courses to get them to do better… they spend endlessly unproductive and tedious hours with their employees trying to evaluate their performance and pick out their weak areas so that they can be improved.

All this does is de-motivate people! Why is this? Because the whole paradigm of evaluation and appraisal is to eliminate weakness not to encourage us to build on our strengths. In society generally, our whole mindset is to pull out weakness and to criticize. This is such a negative approach.

Real entrepreneurs don’t think like this… they enjoy far more success by concentrating on their strengths. They believe the philosophy of the Chinese, that by developing your strengths to the full, your weaknesses become irrelevant…

In addition to the above, entrepreneurs have a vision for their business and their life – they always keep their eye on the horizon. They have tenacity, financial awareness and are flexible. Some of the top qualities of successful entrepreneur are:

  1. Successful entrepreneurs have a solid, unshakeable BELIEF in themselves. They know they can get there – no matter what anyone says!
  1. Entrepreneurs are DRIVEN by the need to succeed. They are PASSIONATE about what they are doing.
  1. Entrepreneurs are SELF-MOTIVATED – they don’t need anyone or anything other than their goals to motivate them.
  1. Entrepreneurs DON'T RECOGNIZE FAILURE.  They consider failure as part of their learning curve towards success.
  1. Entrepreneurs TRUST THEIR GUT FEELING
  1. Entrepreneurs are DECISIVE and they TAKE RISKS
  1. The most successful entrepreneurs DEVELOP THEIR STRENGTHS and surround themselves with people who have the skills they lack
  1. Successful entrepreneurs are PREPARED TO MAKE PERSONAL SACRIFICES in order to succeed
  1. Entrepreneurs are INTUITIVE, they recognize niche markets and business opportunities that others fail to see
  1. Entrepreneurs MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.  They are not wishful thinkers - they act on their ideas
  1. Entrepreneurs are PERSISTENT and are able to cope with rejection and setbacks
  1. Entrepreneurs can MULTI-TASK, and have the capacity to cope with several ideas and projects at once
  1. Successful entrepreneurs are PROFESSIONAL in their approach to business
  1. The most successful entrepreneurs NEVER STOP THINKING AND INNOVATING ideas and looking for business opportunities (take a pen and paper to bed with you!)
  1. Entrepreneurs are HARD WORKERS and not clock watchers
  1. Entrepreneurs are OPEN-MINDED and prepared to listen and learn from everyone
  1. Successful entrepreneurs are DETERMINED TO SUCCEED no matter what it takes
  1. The most successful entrepreneurs do their RESEARCH thoroughly and have the answer ready before problems arise
  1. Entrepreneurs are ORGANIZED and able to assimilate information and monitor progress (a business plan helps)
  1. Most entrepreneurs ENJOY their business !

So remember that entrepreneurs work with their strengths and find creative ways to limit or eliminate their weaknesses.