8 Ways to Create a Powerful YouTube Channel

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Marketing is constantly changing, and that's something that marketers simply need to get


used to. The methods used a few years ago are hardly effective anymore at generating public interest and advancing a business's brand concept. This incredibly accelerated rate of change in the marketing world can be attributed, largely, to the rate at which social networking is changing and adapting. New social media sites are popping up left and right, and the currently popular social networking sites are unveiling dramatic changes just to "keep up with the Joneses". Social media still represents one of the most effective ways to increase brand attention, but the types of social media accounts and the methods that generate success are adapting.

YouTube, for example, may just be the next big thing in marketing. YouTube is a social networking site built around the concept of creating, posting, and sharing web videos. While YouTube used to be just a site for funny clips of cats or video clips of the latest incredible plays in worldwide sports, businesses are quickly discovering how effective YouTube can be as a marketing tool.

To illustrate the shift toward web video marketing, Nectar Online Media, a research organization, recently published some fascinating findings about how businesses plan to use social media accounts for marketing. Some of those findings included an increased emphasis on web video marketing through the ever-popular YouTube social network. You can check out an incredible article at Marketing Pilgrim about the new web video marketing trend by following the link.

When businesses accept that the web video marketing trend is something worth exploring, they then have to figure out how to launch the best and most powerful YouTube channel possible. Here are some great tips for making your YouTube channel a marketing behemoth:

1. Outsource Your YouTube Content Management Needs

While it may sound strange for the first piece of advice to involve outsourcing, this is an incredibly important concept to grasp. Social media accounts require an incredibly vast amount of time and energy to operate effectively, and YouTube is one of the most demanding social networks in existence. Creating videos, editing videos, and posting videos is a task that many businesses simply cannot handle on their own. In order to keep quality high and content flow consistent, it may be wise to outsource YouTube content management needs to a third party. Professional video designers and editors can dramatically improve the appearance of your YouTube channel.

2. Keep the Content Flowing

This, of course, brings us to the next tip for creating a powerful YouTube channel: content flow. The easiest way to derail social media efforts is to create social media accounts and then leave them to gather dust. It's commonly suggested that a poorly managed social media presence is worse than no social media presence at all. Consumers who stumble upon a YouTube channel that hasn't seen new content in years may assume that the brand or business is irrelevant or poorly managed. If you launch a YouTube channel, keep content flowing.

3. Create New, YouTube Exclusive Content

Many brands simply recycle their pre-made content by posting it to YouTube. Naturally, if your business spent thousands of dollars to create a stunning television commercial, you'll want to post that content to YouTube. There's nothing wrong with this. The problem, however, lies with brands that don't post anything except recycled content on YouTube. Delight your YouTube fans by creating and posting some content that is exclusive to the social network. It makes a big difference.

4. Put Your Absolute Best Foot Forward

When you manage your YouTube channel, you're able to choose which videos appear predominantly on the channel. Surprisingly, though, many brands pay little attention to this marketing strategy. Choose your most phenomenal videos, and make them your featured flicks on the channel. When a consumer stumbled to your YouTube page, you want your best effort to be the thing they see first.

5. Organize Content by Category to Appeal to Wider Audience Groups

It's also important to organize YouTube content by category. This makes video searching easy, and ensures that you'll be able to match appropriate content with the right target audience. Use appropriate tags and video titles to attract the right attention.

6. Put Your YouTube Content Everywhere

Don't let your YouTube channel become isolated from the rest of your marketing efforts. Put YouTube content and links to your channel everywhere that your brand is featured. This allows your social media efforts to work cooperatively rather than in competition with one another.

7. Graphics Are Your Best Friend

Add some cool graphics to your channel background, and feature your logo predominantly on your YouTube channel homepage. This integrates your brand and provides more visual interest for your site visitors. Don't overwhelm the video content with garish colors or confusing visuals, but choose a layout and design that complements your branding strategy and emphasizes the uniqueness of your YouTube channel.

8. Be Patient, and Focus Forward

As with all social media accounts, it's important to remember that effective social media marketing requires time and patience. Think about your YouTube channel as a constant work in progress. As you continue creating and uploading content, your number of site views and effectiveness within a target audience will continue to grow and expand. Getting frustrated or abandoning your YouTube efforts is a surefire way to cause your social media presence to crumble. Focus on the future, and your YouTube channel will rise to the occasion.

YouTube is a great social media marketing tool for the hip and current business. Using a web video marketing strategy allows businesses to connect in dynamic and personal ways with their target audience. These eight strategies will help businesses create a solid and reputable brand with intentional and high quality web video marketing.

Remember, if you don't use YouTube to attract consumers, a competitor can easily snatch away your customer audience with a stunning, hilarious, or captivating video clip.

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