How to Get Free Money

Kevin Trudeau, a successful businessman and motivational speaker, recently published a book about free money. Essentially, Kevin Trudeau is discussing various techniques for receiving money with little to no work involved. There are many different ways to receive free money, but the internet is truly one of the best resources. Some have claimed that Kevin’s ideas are not realistic. Others believe that getting money for free is dishonest.

However, even the techniques in Mr. Trudeau’s book involve some element of work or effort to receive the money. There really isn’t any such thing as “free money.” There is, however, a lot of money that can be earned or generated through very little effort on the part of the earner.

So, are you interested in getting some money without having to work for hours or invest thousands of dollars in a small business? Would you like to pad your bank accounts with money that requires very little to achieve? Most everyone would answer “yes” to that question. There are some fool-proof ways to earn money without working hard, and there are some other ways that are “hit or miss.” Some of the methods include:

1. Government Grants
2. Unclaimed Money
3. Internet Surveys and Marketing Surveys
4. Product Reselling or “White Label” Practices
5. Product Testing and Marketing

This is certainly not an all-inclusive list, but these five methods will help you to generate money without doing any hard labor or intense work. You will have to invest some time and energy in these methods, but if you are determined to make money, you’ll likely find success with these routes. Other websites may promise heaps of money for absolutely nothing. The methods listed on those websites are generally scams. The following methods, however, have been proven to work by many satisfied entrepreneurs and “go-getters.”

Government Grants

Despite what you may have heard, the government has an enormous amount of funds available to them, and these funds are fairly liquid in nature. This means that government money can be moved around to different areas quite easily. One of the easiest ways to get money for nothing is by applying for government grants. Consumers don’t realize just how many grants are up for grabs from the government. The government’s purpose for awarding grants is to dump money into the economy in the hopes that that money will generate more income for the nation.

Here’s how it works. A young writer may not have enough money to even pay the rent. However, that writer may have the potential to write a book that would be a best-seller. The government evaluates this potential and decides to “invest” in the writer’s ideas and talent. This investment doesn’t have to be paid back to the government. The government receives its “payment” when the book sells millions of copies, and money is dumped into the economy. When more people spend money, the government ends up getting the investment returned through generated tax income.

You can go online to search out government grants for which you may be qualified. There is almost always a lengthy application process involved, and some of the more substantial grants have tough competition vying for them, but you certainly won’t have access to this free money stream if you don’t try.

Unclaimed Money

One of the easiest ways to get free money is simply to claim moneys that have been left alone and unclaimed for years. Properties owned by the state, unclaimed investment properties, or matured savings bonds that haven’t been claimed all represent ways to get money that is just sitting there, doing nothing.

Internet Surveys and Marketing Surveys

Have you ever wondered where companies get the statistics about their products and services? Ever been curious how a company anticipates the upcoming market trends? Most of this is accomplished through paid market research and internet surveys. You can get compensation for taking surveys online. Simply signup to take a variety of surveys, and the companies who are creating the surveys will give you a small payment for your time. You will have to provide demographic information about yourself such as your age, gender, occupation, residence, and habits, but the surveys are fairly easy to take and don’t require a lot of effort.

Product Reselling or “White Label” Practices

The term “white label” comes from the days when record companies would release records with blank white labels. Other companies and manufacturers could resell these records and insert their own logos. You can resell a product or service at a higher cost, and generate free money without having to do all the work.

Product Testing and Marketing

You can also generate “free money” by testing products that are about to be released on the market. If you have a blog with a wide following, companies may be willing to pay you to test and review their products.

“Free money” is a confusing concept. Nothing, of course, is absolutely free, but there are ways to generate additional income streams without investing a lot of time or effort in the process. If you want to get some extra money in your pocket, seeking out any of these methods is a great way to start.

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