Who Are the Youngest Richest Entrepreneurs?

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When it comes to becoming a millionaire and rich, age doesn’t matter. The stories of the youngest richest entrepreneurs only prove that even young age is not a barrier in becoming powerful and rich. Their real life stories set them apart from the rest of the young people as they lead the world in innovating and discovering something big and profitable.

As you get to know more about the youngest richest entrepreneurs, pay attention to their profile, their potentials, and their achievements because one day, you may become like them as you pave the less traveled roads to discovering and launching new businesses and other groundbreaking ideas.

Who Takes the Lead Role?

Apparently, when it comes to naming the rich, the famous, and the youngest entrepreneurs, Mark Zuckerberg always makes the list. The founder of the giant social networking site Facebook doesn’t stay on top alone. With his three other Facebook pals, Zuckerberg never fails to embody the epitome of a young and rich entrepreneur.

Who are the other three young entrepreneurs from Facebook who grab the limelight?

Dustin Moskovitz is the youngest billionaire in this planet. Zuckerberg missed the number one spot because he is eight days older than Moskovitz. Moskovitz is the third employee in Facebook and he like Zuckerberg doesn’t simply settle for their Facebook Empire. Their wealth doesn’t stop them from giving and sharing. When it comes to money, both are modest about it and this attitude is depicted in their foundations. Moskovitz established the Good Ventures while Zuckerberg secured his $100 million for building of schools in Newark, New Jersey.

Do you remember Eduardo Saverin in the movie The Social Network? Why, he is the third youngest richest entrepreneur. The movie story depicted Saverin as the friend who betrayed Zuckerberg. The young billionaire holds a title in the billionaire ranking with his 5 percent share in Facebook.

The fourth Facebook pal on the list is Sean Parker and his character on the movie The Social Network has given him the spotlight both on screen and off screen. Now 31 years old, Parker was also the former president of Facebook. However his story doesn’t end in the movie and his role in Facebook. Parker is set to make more headlines, not to mention expand his wealth portfolio as he takes the role in Spotify, an online music industry.

There are also young entrepreneurs who portray different stories not because their less rich than the Facebook Four but because they acquired their fortune through family inheritance. Again, take note of these four names as they bear the titles of the youngest richest entrepreneurs in the world.

Yvonne Bauer who runs the German mass-media company that publishes publications in 15 countries across the globe is a notable young entrepreneur.

Like Bauer, another woman made it on the list and her name is Yang Huiyan. Huiyan is the main shareholder of China’s biggest property developers called Country Garden Holdings in Guangzhou. Though Huiyan doesn’t go out much for public appearances, her legacy in their company will continue to shine in the world of property development.

Another youngster who happens to bear the word “money” in his name is Robert Pera. Pera is the Tagalog word for “money” and Pera was previously working for Apple as an engineer. With his desire to acquire more pera faster, he brought to the world the affordable internet access through the Ubiquiti Networks. When his company went public in October 2011, the flow of his money in his portfolio seems to be unstoppable.

It seems that when you are in world of computer you are closer to getting even much richer as the day passes. This proves to be true to Maxim Nogotkov and his business that started in selling and trading cell phones went huge when he founded and established Svyaznoy—Russia’s second-biggest cell phone retailer.

These young profiles four from Facebook and four from the rest of the world are simply striking personalities. Even the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet will be envious of these youth who proves that being wealthy doesn’t mean you should be old and experienced. But, it also means that young age should never be an issue at all.