Marketing Trends To Watch Out For


One thing about Internet marketing that you can rely on is that it is constantly changing and evolving. This can make it challenging for the average Internet marketer to keep up with the latest trends, yet it is vital to stay on top of the hottest new ways of finding your prospects online if you want to get ahead of your competition. So here’s a quick rundown on what is predicted to be hot in Internet marketing and what you should focus your marketing efforts upon.

Make your SEO more personal

As the Internet and Web content grows in volume, search engine optimization is set to become even more focused and will turn more personal. Search engines are likely to want more detail about your website, such as the date of publication as well as a more precise geographical location. Search engines may also look more closely at consumer behavior trends and incorporate the social media more to include things like recommendations from friends.

One of the things you should concentrate on is creating relevant links and optimizing your keywords for the major search engines. The reality is that most people rely solely on the organic listings when searching for things they are interested in. Most people will also focus only on the first page of the listings so increasing your ranking with the search engines is going to be even more vital.

Messaging and e-mail

e-mail will continue to be an important part of everyone’s communication via the Internet and customers are accustomed to e-mail marketing. E-mails are even considered to be legal documents now, and e-mail is unlikely to go away. However, there is a trend towards instant messaging and the use of social media for people to communicate short messages with each other and this will evolve further. Sites that use this method of communication such as Twitter are set to grow and evolve.

Social networking

Social networking, like e-mail and instant messaging is here to stay and there has been a huge trend towards it in the past couple of years. More and more people are using social networking sites to stay in touch with friends as well as making new contacts and business partnerships. Businesses are using social networking more and more to promote their products and services — even the big name brands are finding their way onto sites like Facebook. It seems that businesses are missing out if they don’t have a presence within the social media.

Pay per click

Pay per click and sponsored marketing still has a big role to play but some experts believe that there will be more competition away from the big names like Google and Yahoo as more and more search engines provide pay per click search capabilities. More and more businesses will also invest more in creating good rankings in the organic listings as this has been proved time and time again to be the most effective means of marketing any business online.

Interactive media

More and more businesses are using interactive media to promote their business. Video and audio is increasing by the day and there are more and more ways of advertising becoming available through these media all the time. For example, more and more video clips posted on YouTube contain adverts, especially those that end up going viral.

Consider how you can incorporate more interactive media into your website — not just video and audio but how about podcasts, webinars and live discussions from your site?


Blogging is getting more and more popular and everyone seems to have a blog these days. However only the best blogs will gain popularity and be useful as a means of marketing for businesses. If you want to use blogging as an additional way to promote your business, it really should be interesting and different to capture people’s interest.