Discover How to Use Facebook to Send Your Profits Soaring

…even if right now you don’t know anything about a ‘Facebook status’ or ‘social media marketing’!

Everyday more businesses both large and small are starting to use Facebook as well as other social media networks to locate potential customers, build communities of online fans and dive into a huge source of demographic information helping to increase their profits.

…This is what you should know when you want to profit greatly through social media!

If your desire is to make money, and lots of it, in today’s marketplace, you will need to make your presence where your potential customers are, and in this popular culture, that means that you need to take advantage of Facebook.
It’s True!

Right now there are over 400 million users on Facebook and each day that number is growing. Look at these Facebook statistics:

Facebook users spend around 55 minutes each day on the site, which together means 8 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each and every day!

Approximately 1 billion messages are sent on Facebook Chat per day
One half of Facebook users sign on and use the site every day
3 million statuses are updated each day
Facebook now has more page views each month than Google does with 39 billion views
The amount of advertisers on Facebook is 1/20 the amount of advertisers on Google.
Facebook specializes on data on a individual basis, allowing businesses to make sure they are targeting their unique markets

With these statistics in mind it is clear that Facebook gives a large chance for you to be able to directly reach you existing as well as potential future customers, that is if you know how to take advantage of it.
Here is an example of how powerful Facebook can be:

When I initially began with internet marketing I received a free wedding planning ebook which was a part of a “how to make money on the internet” course kits that many people sign up for when they first start.

This specific course I signed up for had a set of ebooks that I would be able to begin selling right away online. The pitch was that you will get the course as well as these products that you could sell right away for large profits.

Since I was new to the internet and was desperate to begin making an income fast, I fell for the pitch and I was not able to generate cash with the ebook because everyone who had signed up for the course was also trying to sell the same product.

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