Making Money With Your Web Videos

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A good way of making money on the Internet is by making and uploading short videos onto sites like YouTube. You can make huge amounts of money in a short space of time with viral videos -- and some people have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few months with a video that catches people’s imagination. However, even if your video does not go viral there are ways to make money with web videos.

Videos are a fun, interactive way to get your marketing message across and it is also a very creative and satisfying way to present your marketing material. It is a quick way to get attention and hopefully encourage people to visit your website for more detailed information. A video can show someone how to do something, it can be fun or show something newsworthy and interesting, but whatever angle you take for the content of your video it is a great way to communicate with and entertain your viewers.

All website owners are looking for traffic to their site and there seems to be a surfeit of books and information available on how to increase traffic but using videos as a marketing tool is still relatively new and requires a certain amount of skill to get it right -- currently there is still some scope to develop web videos and Web video services. The market is not yet saturated, so getting a quick!

If you can make professional looking videos, you can sell them on sites such as iStockVideo. Your films need to reach a certain level of quality and professionalism to be accepted but if they are accepted, you could be making money automatically every time someone buys a download of your video. Have a look around at these sites and see if you can produce compatible videos. The trick is to film something unique and powerful that other people will want to buy. You can also sell still photographs on similar sites such as

Another good way to make money is to upload your videos to an ad revenue sharing site, where your video will generate income through advertising posted on the same page as your video. These videos should be tightly targeted to a specific market to maximize the chances of visitors clicking through the adverts. While you may not make your fortune through ad revenue sharing sites, they can produce a useful income stream. Try Google video and Revver.

If you have a particular area of expertise, you can go out and find your customers. Create a few samples of your work to show prospective clients and offer to make promotional videos for them for a fee. You might also be able to get sponsors who will pay you to promote their company on your own videos. This type of work can lead to repeat business and referrals in the future when people want more videos.

There are plenty of sites where you can post videos and You Tube is the most popular site on the Internet. It is the first place you should go. Once you are on You Tube you can use video submission services such as Traffic Geyser to post your video on various other websites and hopefully increase your traffic. One site that is becoming very popular for videos is MySpace, also a social networking site, with the potential to spread your message far and wide. You should also try Google Video, another fast-growing site where people can search for videos with keywords.