Social Bookmarking


Social bookmarking is increasingly used to generate traffic. The services of social bookmarking site are usually free and a great way to promote our online business. It can be used to create backlinks to your website, blog or even affiliate marketing program.

If you would like to market your website through a social bookmarking site you will first need to find sites which compliment your business needs. Here you will be looking for a site which has visitors who are already interested in or may need the information you have. A simple Google search will help you come up with suitable social bookmarking sites if you are already not aware of them.

Once you have registered and are a member of such a site you will need to look around for the like minded users who may be looking for the information you can give. Some of the social bookmarking sites have a particular flow of traffic. E.g. Digg is a social bookmarking site which is the meeting ground of professionals and technical people. Thus the social bookmark you plan to create here needs to have a technical background or offer something that might interest this group. If you decide to have URL promoting fashion jewelry on Digg you can be sure that hardly any interest will be shown on it.

You need to remember that any kind of direct advertising or marketing on these social bookmarking sites will be detrimental to your needs. There should be no in your face marketing only an offer to give valuable advice or genuine information.

Online bookmarking has become a major marketing tool and is being used affectively to generate traffic through backlinks. Social bookmarking sites help to promote these URLs through their service feeds. The users are made aware of the presence of these sites and may choose to bookmark them.

It is a user edited system where a tagged URL may be made popular by many taggers who recommend it to their friends and online acquaintances. With more and more taggings this URL may soon have a high ranking. This will attract more visitors to the URL. This may or may not result in traffic generation to the business website.

Social bookmarking has become an accepted marketing tool and is proving affective in creating awareness and brand recognition of various online and offline businesses.