Analyzing Website Assets


The value of a website is based off of its design, function, and content. These areas are what convert visitors and drives them to continue visiting a website. Web owners that appropriately invest in these areas can build their ability to generate revenue, which in turn builds up the value of their website and assets in total. Quality is key in this process, and with that in mind, we are able to create a framework of analyzing assets to determine how much they are worth and what type of value they produce.

Value of Content

Content is extremely important when it comes to website value. Content that is created carefully and is fully researched generates search engine traffic, and this is thought to be the most cost effective way for an asset to create revenue. This traffic represents a great way to determine the value of a website, as it is consistent, objective, and can be quantified easily. This process also gives us a way to determine the value of a webpage’s content, as it is responsible for accumulating site traffic. Analyzing keywords, the volume of content, and the speed in which content is being published is a reliable model to determine the value for the content that is featured on a website.

How Different Kinds of Content Affect Value

To determine the value of content, it is important to first determine the potential cost of the content a website would need, while taking both quantity and quality into account. To do this, the costs for buying such content from professional writers can be examined. This cost can then be compared to the value associated with the inbound links that are supporting the website’s page rank.

Typically, the complexity of a piece of content is positively correlated to the price of that content. For example, the sophisticated styling of sales copy typically results in a higher price for this type of content. Informational content that requires significant research can also be expected to yield a high price. Blog posts and comments, which do not typically require extensive research, are often less expensive and can be produced in high volumes.

Website Traffic Value

One of the greatest values to a successful website is the traffic that the site receives. A site that is developed wonderfully will only gain significant value if it has an audience. Since each audience is unique, it is important to distinguish how an audience is being generated and their demographics when analyzing the website traffic value. The revenue per visitor is also an important concept to examine, specifically when the audience is purchasing from the site or pursuing advertising. The more information a website can determine about the audience, the better they will be able to be at determining an accurate value estimate.

Asset Values of Site Structures

Another way to determine the value of website assets is to break them down into pieces and determine the value of each piece. The way a site is broken down will depend on the type of site when evaluating it using asset values. Some common structural areas in which websites have value are design and user interfaces, built-in applications, and custom programmed features.