FREE Traffic Generation #1

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Now before we get into it I want to explain to you the importance of building a good strong list.

If you build a good list it's an asset like bricks and mortar, it’s like owning a house. The difference is that you'll be able to tap the list for money whenever you need it. A good list will bring you money for ever.

Now just a few days ago I had dinner with a chap who had built up a list (from scratch) of over 700,000 opt in e-mail addresses in less than 12 months. The interesting thing about it was that although he was immensely proud of this enormous list (and rightly so) when we compared the profits that were being made, I was actually making more profit from one of my smaller lists of just 12,000 than he was out of 700,000.

On top of that he was having to work 20 hours a day and employee 14 staff. The point here is the list should not be about size, it should be about quality.

A big list is extremely difficult to deliver and maintain a quality service with.

And the bigger the list the more headaches come with it. It’s worth mentioning that where you get your leads from will determine how good a list you actually get.

Remember, a list of 5000 will keep you in the millionaires lifestyle for as long as you want it. It is the only thing almost every Marketing Guru will agree with!

There are six main ways of getting traffic to your website and I’m talking about mainstream here... not talking about what I'll be showing you later.

One is pay per click is like Google ad words, then there are  banner adverts, ezine ads, buying traffic, or joint ventures. Also articles (giveaway articles) The posh name Articles is now syndication. I’ll go into a little more detail in a minute.

Obviously joint ventures are some of the best ways that you can get targeted traffic to your website.

Unfortunately, as I always tell my customers the problem with joint ventures is that you must have something to offer.

And when you first start out you don't have much to offer.  I’m often approached by people that think they do have something to offer because they generated this fantastic new product, or bought the rights to some oversold product set.  The reality is that product is relatively easy to get hold of, its lists that are difficult to get hold of.

As a general rule a joint-venture works on the basis of two list owners offering to sell each other's products to each of their lists. It's what's called a reciprocal Joint-Venture, and if you don't have a list to reciprocate with its extremely difficult to get a list owner to joint-venture with you.

So for this moment I'm going to leave the joint-venture aspect of list building out of the picture.

Syndication is a really simple way of driving traffic to your website. No matter what business you're in you should always be promoting yourself as an expert in the field.

On this basis, syndication is quite simply writing some articles relevant to your market and offering it out free of charge to other marketing partners that have newsletters, E-Zines etc – They get to use YOUR article in their publication Free Of Charge!

Now...if you have ever tried to sit down and write 20 or 30 pages for a newsletter every week or even once month, you’ll know that 2 things happen.

Your first newsletter has loads of content, all fresh and yummy. You’ve had these ideas going round your head for ages, so you just can’t wait to get them all down on paper. The second Newsletter is a bit more tricky. What you thought was going to fill the pages, simply doesn’t do the trick.  By the time you are at your third week or month, you just can’t wait to get some outside content, you need HELP. I’ve seen this happen time and time again!

I remember when I started The Profit Magazine for Greg Burns, by the time we had got to month 3, Greg was all out of ideas! So I had to bring in ghost writers to help with the content, and that can be expensive.

So, if you had come along to me at that particular time and offered to give me a 1 or 2 page article on anything that related to the magazine, FOC, I’d would have bitten your hand off.

And that article would have gone out to over 3000 of my QUALIFIED customers. Just by appearing in the magazine you have an immediate endorsement of credibility via the editor, publisher or owner. Judging by what I have done in the past, this would have driven between 500 and 1000 customers to your website in a matter of a few weeks. And as long as you have your capture page up and running you are going to gain an extra 500 to 1000 people on your list...people that already see you as an expert in the field.. absolutely FOC. And if you wrote another article the following month...

...You can see where this could go.  And of course, that SAME article could appear in 10, 15, 20  or even more publications.

Writing an article is a bit like writing a press release but with more solid usable content.

You’ll find some examples of articles I've written for other newsletters all over this website, all of which has                                            resulted in driving qualified, good                          quality traffic directly to quite a number of my websites FOC. These are just a few simple examples of what can be done very easily indeed to bring in extra traffic, whilst at the same time establishing your credibility as a market leader in the field.

Now, I'm also going to give you some resources where you can literally find thousands of newsletters that you can submit articles to and get them to publish for you (not forgetting to ensure your web address is at the bottom of your article and your capture page is up and running!)

You can also use these resources to approach the ezines for advertising, that's where you ask them to advertise your product in their ezine for either a small fee or a profit share.

The important thing here is that if you are selling sheepskin seat covers for cars, you really want to be targeting an ezine that is related to the car industry or selling cars or car accessories, not much point in choosing an ezine that is about flower arranging!!!

The resources below have hundreds of headings and sub headings so that you can really drill down the data and target them accurately.

Don’t forget, when you submit articles you must ensure that 100% of the content is good otherwise you have totally wasted your time and credibility.

E-Zine/Newsletter Resource #1

The easiest way for me to give you an insight into the next two resources is to let them explain what they can offer you themselves.

The first one is run by Charlie page who is very well respected. Charlie runs and owns The Directory Of Ezines. The D.O.E has been established for the  past 11 years. There is a one off fee for a lifetime membership.

From: Charlie Page
If you are like most people who visit our site, you want an easy to understand and affordable way to promote a website. It might be a website you created, or one you had created for you, or you might be an affiliate wanting to "drive traffic" like the people who run the affiliate program suggested you do.

Or you might have heard about The Directory of Ezines in Robert Allen's excellent book entitled Multiple Streams of Internet Income.

In addition, if you are like most of our visitors, you have probably tried a few things (maybe even spent some money - or a lot of money) but things are still not working the way you thought they would, and you need something to start working now.

If that sounds like you, I have some very good news to share with you.

That good news is that you are about to discover the world of ezines and ezine advertising, and discover how ezines can be the solution to your website promotion challenge.

We All Face The Same Challenges

No one is born with the knowledge of how to get real people to visit a website.

Only time and experience can teach you these skills.

In addition, the language of the Internet can be very confusing. For example, how many people in the real world know what an "autoresponder" is? But you can't thrive online without one!

Ezines are like that. The chances are that you never heard the word ezine before you came online, and might not even know how it's pronounced right now! (like magazine - e..zine) And yet here you are trying to find out if the Directory of Ezines is something you should invest in.

I'll be you have other questions too.

What are ezines all about?
Do ezines really work?
Is it expensive - can I afford it?
Will it work for me?

That's a tough spot to be in. I know ... I have been it that EXACT position myself.

In fact, I was in the same position only a few years ago, when I became a member of the Directory of Ezines and discovered what ezine marketing could do for my business.

And ezines did indeed work for me. And I know they can work for you. In fact, I will help you succeed with ezines!

You see, I went from being a member of the Directory of Ezines to owning the company in a little less than 18 months.

So you can understand why I say that ezines can be very effective.

But  this page is about YOU ... not about me. So, let's start with a basic truth. This is a core principle that you will find applies to everything you do online.

Promoting A Website Is EASY
When You Know The Simple Formula

Allow me to share with you that formula right now. As I teach in my one-on-one consultations, marketing on the Internet is not a mystery, it's a process. And here is that process in a nutshell.

I call it the 1-2-3 of Internet marketing.

The 1 -2 - 3 of Internet Marketing

Advertising creates  visitors
Visitors become  buyers

Buyers become customers and purchase many times

It really is that simple. It all starts with advertising. And ezine advertising is one of the best ways to get the word out about any website you want to promote.

Whether you own your own product or are an affiliate, ezine advertising will work for you!

Advertising = visitors = BUYERS!

If you want MORE visitors to find your website, you must advertise.

Now, that advertising can take several forms. To save you a bit of time, I'll list some of them below.

Search engines
Pay per click
Ezine advertising
Joint ventures
Having affiliates promote your site for you
Email blasts
Free ads

I'm sure it's obvious to you that the Directory of Ezines exists to help you advertise your site or affiliate link using ezines.

Now, let's look at what that looks like, and just how easy it really is to promote your website using ezines.

The rest of this page will show you how ezines can create the traffic you need to succeed online.

Ezines Can Drive Hordes Of Hungry Visitors To ANY Website!

Did you know that 99% of all websites suffer from the same problem?

Not enough BUYERS!

The good news is this ... ezines can solve that problem!

You see, we have all been tricked into thinking that 'traffic' is what matters. So we buy into the 'latest and greatest' hyped-up offer in hopes of getting more traffic. And, more times than not, we end up wasting time and money chasing any way that sounds good to get traffic to our sites.

But  traffic alone doesn't pay the bills ... making sales pays the bills. Traffic alone is worthless.

FACT: Making more sales is ALL that matters

Did you know that you can spend a fortune on "guaranteed hits" and all of your time trying to get "free traffic" and still make ZERO money?

I can say that because we just did that very thing ... we bought 200,000 "guaranteed hits" from a very well respected company and made ZERO sales!

That's right ... ZERO sales. $500 down the drain! We couldn't get our money back and we made ZERO sales! Sound familiar?

Why did we not make sales? We've been online since 1998, and know that we make sales when we run ads and get visitors from Google, so it had to be something else!

The reason is this. While it WAS traffic, it was NOT high quality targeted traffic.  It was not the kind of traffic where the person knows what I do and comes to my site interested and ready to buy!

The good news is that marketing with ezines creates HIGHLY TARGETED TRAFFIC!

If you are tired of wasting time and money, and want to use the marketing method that has been proven effective for over 10 years ... you want to know about ezines!

Ezines deliver highly targeted traffic made up of people who WILL buy because they ALREADY KNOW what you offer and are interested BEFORE they go to your site!

Wasting money online is easy to do and very frustrating! If you have experienced that frustration, you are going to love how easy it is to use and profit from the Directory of Ezines!

E-Zine/Newsletter Resource #2

The next resource is a website called New-List run by Christopher Knight. Now, unlike Charlie’s site Chris’s is a Free To Use resource.

What is New-List?

Are You A List-Owner Who Needs To Get The Word Out?

New-List allows you to get a free announcement of your New-List to a targeted list of folks who have asked to receive prompt notifications of when New-Lists are created. This is not 'spam' (which is the sending of unsolicited emails), but rather the sending of new-list announcements to opt-in lists that folks have asked to be on. All together, 15,700+ members receive New-List announcements via email.

Benefits of announcing your list with New-List

·         Great & fast exposure for your new list!

·         This valuable service is free.

·         Thousands of folks who are interested about your topic will hear about your new list.

·         Many list of list directories owners are on many of the New-List lists, which means your New-List submission may also get listed in their lists of lists, giving you additional free exposure.

·         Use's service to help you grow your list, so that you get a higher return from your list building efforts.

Do You Like To Be Notified Whenever New-Lists Are Launched?

While there are other New-List announcement services, there are none quite like the New-List service. This Free service takes New-List announcements to another level, by allowing you to select between 20 different categories of special interest to you, so that you only get the New-List announcements that are relevant to you.

New-List saves you time, and allows you to zero in on only the new-list announcements that you want to know about.

The History Of New-List Service

Started in 1998, as a service to announce new-lists, New-List's unique offering is its ability to allow you to customize which New-Lists you'd like to be informed about. You can choose from 20 different categories, or choose to receive all of them.

New-List's service is provided by Christopher M Knight, and the EmailUniverse service team. This service was originally designed to be 'fee-based', but after launching, was switched to advertising supported, in order to provide this valuable service free of charge to the Internet community.

So, your next step is to become a member of the New-List service, by joining one or all of the 20 separate New-List categories, and if you've got a New-List which has not been announced yet, click here to read the guidelines of posting your list, and send it on to us for distribution to the New-List members who are waiting to hear about your New-List.

So, that’s two great resources for you. Check the websites out and find the Newsletter/E-zine that best fits,  or start to tailor your product or service to fit the E-zines !

Don’t forget though, at the bottom of your article you must have the website that you want to direct them to. For example, it could be:-

“to read more about this subject go to”


“to get the whole report free of charge go to”.

BUT you must ensure that you’ve got an opt in capture page. If you can't remember what that's all about then go back to the profit commando Basic training manual and refresh your memory. This is really important because otherwise you will have completely wasted all of your hard work hard, time and effort. With stuff like this don't just think of the UK market... think globally, the UK market is such a tiny fraction of what's available. When you start to do ezine articles, ezine advertising, and or banner advertising as well you want to go global.

And don't forget , with the Capture page you want to try and capture the name and address where possible. It might be that you're just interested in building an e-mail list &  that's fair enough, but if you can capture the name, email address and postal address as well, it'll make a much more valuable list . To do that though you really need to be sending something out by post as the freebie, so your offer doesn't want to be something as simple as a downloadable product. When I want to capture names and postal addresses I always give away a free DVD or CD or a book. I tend do this once a year, the last time was around 6 months ago and it brought me a quality op-in list of just over 3000 in 12 weeks and sales of nearly quarter of a million pounds, that close to $400,000...and of course its growing all the time as I’m selling new product to them every month

While I think of it, another really simple method of driving traffic to your website, is to find a business that complements your own, for instance if you're selling hats you find a company that is selling coats, then you get them to put your flyer or brochure for your products into every order they send out to their customers and you do the same for them. So, you basically cross sell to 2 separate databases, one is yours and one is a complimentary businesses, so you are not in competition with each other, but you are just trading on the back of the goodwill that has been built up by both companies.  Awesome results can be made from this style of cooperation.

Here’s an example of how this works:- Have you ever heard of the White Company? they cleverly team up with a multitude of higher profile business with a similar customer profile but not in direct competition.

Each one of these “Complimentary Business” does the same in return.

If you order from the “White Company”, you’ll get details of “CT Shirts” latest offers and vice versa . If you stay in “The Hotel” in Cornwall, your room will have the “White Company” and “CT Shirts” brochures on your coffee table, as well as the menu and reservations direct dial number for Jamie Oliver’s “FIFTEEN” Restaurant just across the car park.

And if you want to visit “FIFTEEN” guess where they would recommend you should stay? You got it “The Hotel” All this makes great sense as not one of these business conflict with each other, but they all have good reputations and a very similar customer profile. They are all Complimentary Businesses.

Heres a quick reality check for you:-

If you were able to use all the tips that I give you on this site you could literally have hundreds of thousands of Dollar or Pounds of extra revenue flowing into your account. I appreciate that it might not be possible to utilise all of these at once, but make a plan to use them. Chalk ‘em up on a board or to do’s the difference between bringing in a few $ or £’s profit and bringing in tens of thousands of profit.

These are just a few really simple methods to drive Free traffic to your website, anyone can do it at no cost, just a bit of dedication and a little time. But before your start you must get a stat counter on your website or you will never know what traffic you have received from where:-

You can get a FREE stat counter from

All the best