Positive Buzz For Your Brand

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With so much competition out there these days, you need to do what you can to get your business noticed and convey that special something that your business has to make it shine above the crowd. So what can you do to create a positive buzz for your business and your brand? Here are a few ideas…

Creating a brand

Many small business owners do not feel that branding is something they need to worry about -- they think it is something that only pertains to the big names in business. But that is a misconception because every business has a brand, whether you realize it or not. When your visitors or customers meet your business the first time, whether it is in person or when they visit your website, they are experiencing your brand. You cannot help but give off an impression, so rather than leaving it to chance and hoping that your customers will see you in a good light, you should actively create your brand.

You need to develop a corporate image including a business name, logo, a color theme and your own distinctive style. This physical image should be used throughout your website, marketing materials, advertising and so on. This makes you instantly recognizable. You can also go further than a physical image for your business and create a mission for your business which is visible to your customers -- for example, you could aim to deliver in the fastest possible time, or be the best at polite customer service. This can go a long way to creating an emotional connection for your customers and we all know that customer loyalty can be a very powerful force.

Create a buzz with testimonials

Powerful testimonials can be a fantastic way to create excitement about your business. Word-of-mouth advertising is always the best way to promote your products and services and testimonials are a great way of letting your visitors know how wonderful you are.

An even more powerful buzz for your business would be to get experts in your field or celebrities to back your products and services -- that would really get everyone excited.

Build up to your launch

Get everyone excited about what's coming by having a prelaunch buildup. A good way to do this is by giving away free samples -- maybe you have a sample of your latest e-book or some free samples of a physical product -- how about a more valuable freebie for the first 10 customers. You could also give away money off vouchers or run an introductory offer of some sort. There are plenty of ways of letting people know that you are about to launch something special…

The actual launch

Launching a new business is a great excuse for a party and a good reason to get the media interested in giving you some free PR. Try inviting a long list of local newspaper, magazine and trade journal editors to your business launch and have available some printed press releases, photographs and stories about your business that they can take away. You might just lure an editor to print a free press release if you have been able to make their job easier.

If you are Internet-based, there is nothing to stop you having an actual physical party and publishing details and pictures on your website. Why not record a video of your launch party and distribute it around via e-mail, newsletters, blogs, discussion forums and all the social media sites. The more lively and different your party is, the more interesting it will be.