The Complete Guide to Pinterest Marketing


How can you connect with your current clients? How can you get your customers interested and engaged in your business? The answer is: you need to employ a marketing strategy and Pinterest and its marketing strategies will give you a good head start.

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an online board where you can organize, share, and market what you have.

What are the Pinterest marketing strategies that you need to determine?

  1. You have to create a profile that bears a headshot, company name, links, keywords, and connections.
  2. When making your pins, you need to come up with creative and compelling titles. Your pins must also focus on specific lifestyle not the product alone. If there are keywords, use the appropriate and easy to understand descriptions. And give credits to where it’s due if you acquire pins from specific sources.
  3. Make your boards more playful-looking by using entertaining and catchy titles. You can have a diversified content. If you have pin images from clients, use them. And if you have a lot of pins, the most recent pin should look the largest.
  4. Adding images to your pinterest marketing is also vital. The images must be taken from professional photographers as much as possible. Then, you should only use relevant photos that are associated with the product. If you are going to add infographic text, make them big and readable. Apart from images, you can also add video links.
  5. Copyright is a rule of thumb. When you are pinning, never forget to put your source. If there are images that you have taken from websites, include the URL. Copyright must always be stated and if you find troubles looking for copyright details, research and ask the right people. This is the reason why you need to learn more about copyright rules and regulations.
  6. Holding competitions is also an effective pinterest marketing strategy. You can host a scavenger hunt or a monthly board competition. If you are pinning client videos, always use hash tag.
  7. Collaboration is a must. If you plan to have a theme for your board, everybody should be aware of the theme. The theme has to be reviewed, evaluated, and verified before publishing them.

Diving into Pinterest marketing without having the right information and details about it is not a smart move. So, you need to polish and execute your pinning efforts first and foremost. If you don’t do it right, even if you have the best product or service in the world, nobody will know about it.

More about Pinterest Marketing

Beating your competitors is a tough task to accomplish. But, you have to be ready to put up a good fight by having the right marketing budget, the right attitude, and the ideas that matter. Then, you need to take into account the following procedures that will lead you to more success and profits.

  1. What will be your Pinterest image? Carefully choose your Pinterest image and don’t just throw any image your hands find. What is the message you are trying to relay? This means that you have to thoroughly plan the objectives and visions your company is trying to express by pinpointing the right image.
  2. There should always be a good story to tell. If you consider your platform a storyboard, you have the best shot in narrating a story. Then, you have to choose which roles your business has to play.
  3. Learn how to establish a connection with your clients. Participating in discussions and forums that allow you to share your pinterest is the best way to go. Feedback and recommendations are necessary. So, when a person posts a picture, it automatically encourages and opens a discussion or sharing of ideas.

Pinterest marketing has become an effective and attention-grabbing strategy. But, you have to cope with the current trends so you will not be left behind.