8 Ways to Success for Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump


Donald Trump has released a brand-new cologne on the market, and this executive-


speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


appropriate scent is aptly named “Success.” You can read a great BusinessWeek article about Donald Trump’s latest endeavor here. Donald Trump, a real estate mogul who has constructed an empire throughout the world, is estimated by Forbes.com to be worth about three billion dollars.

Donald Trump has slowly built his reputation to the point where he is now, essentially, a household name throughout much of the world. Especially in the United States, where Donald Trumps’ empire was born and raised, the name Trump is synonymous with financial success, business genius, and profit-earning strategy. Individuals who are starting their own businesses from the ground up often look to moguls like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, or Warren Buffett to see just what advice these individuals have for self-starters and business owner hopefuls.

Thankfully, “the Trump” is not stingy at all with his business success advice. Donald Trump, like other business moguls, is a huge fan of the American economy and a true believer in the power of the individual in a capitalistic society. As such, he is quite generous when it comes to giving helpful advice and tips that will turn entrepreneurs into successful businesspeople. Donald Trump’s advice, of course, won’t always work for every entrepreneur. Different businesses, industries, personality traits, and financial situations can make some of Mr. Trump’s pieces of advice more valuable than others. When examining this list of 8 ways to success for Donald Trump, it’s important to focus on the underlying truths between the lines. Donald Trump suggests that entrepreneurs discover their own ways to success, try with all their might at all times, and never be afraid to be innovative or unpredictable.

Here are eight great guidelines based on Donald Trump’s personal business journey that will help entrepreneurs discover the quickest ways to success

1. Value Experience Above All Else

The experience of other business moguls and your own experience are some of your most powerful tools. Rely on the experience of others until you’ve created your own life experiences from which you can learn.

2. Passion and Energy are More Important Than Sales

Sales generate profits, which are important to the success of a business. However, passion and energy generate accomplishment and excellence, and these qualities are more significant than a sales figure.

3. Keep a Positive Attitude

Never underestimate the power of endless optimism when starting a business. Your smile may be completely fake, and it may be thinly disguising a creeping sensation of despair, but when you appear optimistic, other people will believe in your business.

4. Pursue Your Dreams

Many business moguls suggest that people pursue their dreams because the pursuit of a dream is much more likely to inspire success than the pursuit of a profit.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big

Many entrepreneurs are their own worst enemies. They allow the fear of over-dreaming get in the way of forming big dreams and reaching out to turn those dreams into a reality. Forget the concept of giving yourself a reality-check. Stop telling yourself to keep both feet on the ground. Dreaming big is an important part of entrepreneur success.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

When Olympic divers begin their training, many diving coaches require the young divers to climb to the top of the high dive and fall, without attempting to get into any sort of dive formation. They make their divers this falling process over and over and over again. The diver isn’t learning any technique or skills. Instead, the diver is simply learning how to fall without fear. Why does a coach spend so much time and energy teaching this lesson? The reason is that a fear of failure or falling is one of the most crippling things for any athlete, leader, or business executive. This is something that an entrepreneur must abolish from his or her personality. Failure breeds excellence, and excellence breeds success.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ignore the Past

There’s plenty to be afraid of when it comes to running a business, but being afraid to let go of the past is a bad business habit. Many business owners use the past as a personal crutch that prevents them from realizing their own potential. A bad investment five years ago can haunt the future of your business, preventing you from taking investment opportunities when they come. It’s important to learn from the past, but it’s also important to know when to put the past to rest. This is a difficult balance for many entrepreneurs to achieve, but it’s a necessary one.

Allow the past to influence and advise your current business practices, but don’t allow the past to turn into a ruthless dictator that prevents you from snatching opportunities that you believe will serve your business’s needs.

8. Be Afraid of Not Giving Your All

If you want to find something to be afraid of when it comes to starting your own business from the ground up, be afraid of not giving your all. So many times, business owners and entrepreneurs let their fears prevent them from investing everything in their current business endeavor. They hold back by saving some of their time, some of their energy, or even some of their investment capital. Saving for a rainy day may be a great adage passed down by somebody’s grandmother, but it doesn’t really work as far as the business community is concerned. Your own fears may be getting in the way of your business success. Stop being afraid of committing, and start being afraid of what will happen to your business endeavors if you don’t commit with everything you’ve got. Give your all, and watch what happens to your business over time.

Of course, these ways don’t represent a guarantee. However, individuals who don’t take Donald Trump’s advice when starting their own business are turning their backs on some of the best business advice available in the world.

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