10 Reasons Why Following Your Passions Breeds Success


For entrepreneurs, self-starters, and businesspeople of all shapes and sizes, profit and


success are likely the ultimate goals. There are some business people who will claim ulterior motives for starting a particular business, and these motives may be valid. Some individuals start businesses to make a change in the world, introduce a new product or service, change the face of a specific industry, or fulfill a void in their own lives. Even if these motives are valid reasons for starting a business, profit must still factor into the equation. A successful business is one that can support itself, and this is not possible without profitable, sustaining success. So, what are the real insider secrets for achieving business success?

If you’re looking for advice about success, Warren Buffett is probably a fairly ideal resource. The independently wealthy business guru recently sat down with Forbes to discuss his opinions on the driving forces of success in an entrepreneur’s life. According to Buffett, the best advice he could give to budding entrepreneurs was to follow one’s passions throughout life. You can watch the Warren Buffett interview online at Huffington Post, and be sure to read writer Harry Bradford’s take on whether or not Mr. Buffett’s advice is good advice.

Following one’s passions can breed success. There are many reasons why a passionate and driven entrepreneur finds profit and business success over time. Here are 10 important reasons that may explain why passion in business is a one-way ticket to a profitable future.

1. Passion Generates Creativity

The first reason why passion is such an important part of an entrepreneur’s journey is that individuals who are passionate about their businesses are more likely to implement creative strategies for success. If you follow your passions when starting a business, you will be willing to do whatever it takes to make an impact in your particular industry and ensure that your business’s brand and image rise to the top of the market audience’s awareness. Thinking outside the box is a side effect of pursuing one’s passions.

2. Passion Prevents Fatigue

Passion also helps business owners to avoid the effects of fatigue or weariness when running an upstart business. Starting a business from scratch is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Many people go into business for themselves because they dream of choosing their own hours, spending more time with friends and family members, and having the freedom to stop working while still generating profits. Unfortunately, the opposite usually occurs. The daily hours of an entrepreneur fill quickly with important tasks necessary to turn a business into a profitable endeavor. If, however, you are starting a business that allows you to pursue your own personal passions, you won’t be as easily frustrated or fatigued by these increased hours.

In fact, individuals who pursue their passions are more likely to view work as a fun, exciting, and pleasurable experience rather than a drawn-out episode of torture.

3. Passion Makes Business Ideas Contagious

When entrepreneurs pursue their own personal passions by starting a business, their passion will actually be contagious to the other people with whom they interact. Passion is not literally contagious, but when you are passionate about a product or service, your passion inspires other people to get excited about the things your business offers. Steve Jobs is one of the best examples of this concept. His passion for new and exciting electronics spawned a global movement, and Apple, Inc. is one of the most successful businesses worldwide because of that passion.

4. Passion Inspires Innovation

Passion also inspires innovation in the actions of the entrepreneur and in the employees or partners with whom he or she works on a daily basis. Innovation, especially in a constantly changing and adapting business world, is crucial to the success of an upstart business. Passion is able to inspire innovation because an entrepreneur will be constantly dreaming of and focusing on his or her business endeavors. When you eat, sleep, and breathe your business, innovation will present itself.

5. Passion Provides Motivation

Passion, too, is a great motivator. Your passion about your business can serve to motivate you when you are feeling weary, motivate employees to work harder, and motivate customers to take action and invest in the things that your business is offering. If you aren’t passionate about your business, how can you expect customers to be passionate?

6. Passion Encourages Determination

Following one’s passions also encourages determination and hard work at every step of the process. Entrepreneurs often have to give every scrap of energy and investment they can spare on a daily basis. Unless you are pursuing a goal that helps you chase after your own passions, you’ll be likely to devote your energies elsewhere, and this can impede the success of your business endeavor.

7. Passion Makes Entrepreneurs Seek Education

Following one’s passions also inspires entrepreneurs to continually educate themselves. Continuing education is an important part of business success, but entrepreneurs won’t be eager to chase after knowledge of a subject that they find uninteresting or uninspiring. When your business reflects the pursuit of your own passions, you’ll be naturally inclined to seek out every educational opportunity you can get your hands on.

8. Passion Makes Employees More Efficient

The passion of an entrepreneur is best observed through the passion of his or her employees. While the entrepreneur may be the brains behind the operation, the workers are the hands and feet that get the job done. Passion inspires work efficiency and increased productivity in the workplace.

9. Passion Makes Investors More Enthusiastic

Following your passions will also make it easier to get investors on board and secure the investment capital your business needs to thrive. It’s difficult to sell a concept that bores you, and investors are adept at identifying boredom in entrepreneurs.

10. Passion is Sustainable Through Adversity

The biggest benefit, though, of pursuing your passions through business is that passion is capable of keeping your spirits high and your optimism intact even in the face of serious business adversity. You will encounter obstacles and road blocks on your entrepreneurial journey. Passion can help guide you through these twists and turns, and keep you pushing to make your idea a success.

Entrepreneurs who pursue a bottom line principle - such as trying to make money -  rather than the things for which they have the greatest passion risk losing everything in pursuit of a business that simply doesn’t interest them.

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