20 Steps to Making More Money at Home


Finding helpful online advice for entrepreneurs can be a challenge, especially since a lot of the “tips” online are designed to sell a product or service rather than offer real, valuable education. WomansDay.com is a great resource for business professionals, both men and women. While the site is dedicated to empowering women and helping them achieve their goals, anyone can find great information and helpful advice on this site. Here’s a perfect example that I recently stumbled across. WomansDay.com recently published an article listing some fantastic opportunities for making money at home. These aren’t get rich quick schemes or false promises that never seem to pan out; they are real opportunities that anyone can use to generate a little extra income.

The problem that I believe many entrepreneurs and work-from-home professionals encounter, however, is less about finding a home business endeavor and more about figuring out how to maximize efficiency and generate greater profits from home. That’s why I’ve created this helpful list of 20 steps that will increase your money-making efficiency and improve your home business endeavors. Implementing even a few of these strategies can make a big difference.

Create a Separate Home Working Space

One important technique that home business owners should employ is separating work space from home living space. If your work area bleeds over into your personal space, you’ll find it even more difficult to separate working hours from off hours. When you have a designated space in your home for work, you’ll also be more productive during business hours.

Use Separate Contact Methods for Business and Pleasure

Keeping with the separation theme, it’s a good idea to create separate contact methods for business and pleasure. Creating separate e-mail accounts is the simplest way to do this, but many home business owners find that productivity and profits start increasing when they use separate phones, computers, and social media accounts as well.

Keep Task Lists Separate

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a big proponent of separation when it comes to working from home. Step number three involves creating separate task lists for business and home. You might be tempted to add grocery items to your business list, but this simply creates confusion. Treat your home office like a completely separate entity.

Make More Phone Calls

Studies have shown that phone calls are twice as efficient as other forms of communication. If you write an e-mail, you may have to exchange information back and forth for hours before everyone is on the same page. A fifteen minute phone call can accomplish the same thing.

Block Off Time for Big Projects First

If you are overwhelmed by home business tasks, block off time for your big projects first. This will provide you with room after big projects have been completed to fill in the gaps with the tedious home business tasks.

Empty the House if Possible

If at all possible, try to empty the home when you are working. The presence of children, family members, pets, and even spouses can be a real distraction during working hours. Distraction, of course, cut into your profits. Use the money you are saving by working at home to invest in high quality child care or pet care.

Treat the Day Like an Office Work Day

Instead of sitting at the computer in your pajamas, treat your home office like a real office. Get up, have breakfast, take a shower, and put on business-appropriate attire. You’ll be far more efficient.

Invest in High Quality Equipment

Sometimes, investing in high quality equipment and electronics for your home office is just the thing you need to boost productivity and improve profits. When you invest in high quality equipment, you’ll be more likely to work hard to earn back the investment.

Eliminate Workspace Distractions

Remove televisions, close the curtains on your windows, and shut the door to your work space. The fewer distractions you have, the higher your productivity will be.

Write Yearly Goals and Post Them in a Visible Area

Creating a list of two or three yearly goals is a great way to maximize motivation in business. Post your goals in a prominent place where you will see them every single day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Often, business owners who work from home have difficulty saying no to customers, clients, business allies, associates, and even family members. Taking on too much work isn’t going to help anyone or anything, especially your business.

Don’t Set Unreasonable Goals

Setting goals is a great way to motivate yourself while working from home and increase your business’s profit. Setting unrealistic goals, however, is a recipe for disappointment.

Focus on One Task at a Time

Instead of multitasking, consider focusing on a single task at a time. You’ll be more likely to complete each task in a timely fashion.

Use Convenient Forms for Quick Information Input

If you have to collect customer or client information on a regular basis, create a form for data input. This will make the information collection process go by much more smoothly.

Get Organized

A little organization goes a long way in the business world.  Effective filing systems, both physical and digital, will dramatically improve your business and generate more cash flow.

Practice Making Decisions Efficiently

Riding the fence on a decision is a waste of time. Practice making decisions quickly and efficiently, and you’ll start making more money at home.

Do Your Least Favorite Tasks First

If there is a business task that you simply dread, do it first and get it out of the way. This way, the rest of your work day is dedicated to doing the business tasks you love.

Complete Unfinished Tasks First Thing the Next Day

If you can’t finish a business task, don’t stress yourself out. Simply add it to your home business task list in a priority position and finish it at the beginning of tomorrow’s work day.

Take a Break

Don’t be afraid to take regular breaks when working from home. Just because you are working in a comfortable environment doesn’t mean that you have to be working every minute of the day. Scheduling regular breaks will improve your productivity levels.

Communicate Your Business Needs to Family Members and Friends

Many home business owners struggle with family members and friends who assume that, since you work from home, you are free and available to be at their disposal. Patiently explain to your friends and family that your work hours are important for the ultimate success of your business, and ask them to respect your time.

These twenty steps will help you make more money from home by improving your productivity and eliminating distractions.

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