Make Money from Home


It’s possible to make money at home even without the assistance of the internet. People have been working from home, operating home based business for years, way before the advent of the World Wide Web. If anything, the prevalence of online opportunities has resulted in even more options for those who choose to work offline, as things have suddenly become a whole lot less competitive.

Working from home essentially means becoming self-employed, or starting a small business. In order to do so successfully, it’s important to identify a niche in the market which you have skills to fulfill. As always, one must remember that working from home is not going to pay off instantly. It takes heaps of effort and many hours of dedication, but profits are there to be made. What follows are some of the most popular ideas for building wealth from home.

Accounting – Businesses often look to outsource accountancy services to certified public accountants (CPAs). It’s possible to complete a CPA course and become qualified very cheaply, and few overheads are needed to start up a home based accountancy firm.

Babysitting – Working parents have a need for reliable babysitters, so this business idea has a lot of potential. Demand for babysitters is very high, and the pay can be good too, although this type of work is usually only part time.

Cake Decorating – If you have culinary skills then there is much money to be made in the kitchen. Whether it’s for weddings, birthday parties or corporate functions, the demand for beautifully decorated cakes never ends.

Customer Service Rep – Rather than maintain costly call centers, many companies rely on home-based customer service representatives instead. All that’s needed to set up a mini-call center in your home is a landline or cell phone. Representatives agree on a working schedule with the company, and then the company redirects calls to them. Training is provided and payment is usually made on an hourly basis.

Family Genealogy – One popular new business idea is tracing people’s family histories. This is especially so in the USA and Canada, where many people are keen to trace their roots and discover where their ancestors came from. This work involves using the internet, libraries and other resources, and can be quite time consuming, although the pay if often better than other work from home ideas.

Lawn Care/Landscaping – Visit people’s homes, mow their lawn, pull up the weeds and help client’s get their gardens just the way they want it. Garden landscapers are very much in demand from busy professionals. Required skills include creativity and a good work ethic. Moderate investment is required for basic gardening tools and a vehicle to transport them.

Personal Trainer – The demand to look good has never been so big, hence the surge in demand for personal trainers. This involves developing exercises and training routines, then putting clients through their paces. The actual work can take place in a gym, your home or the client’s home.

Pet Breeding – There will always be a demand for pets, particularly pedigree breeds and/or exotic animals such as lizards, tarantulas and snakes. The disadvantage of this is that it requires a considerable investment of both time and money, as it will take a while for profits to materialize.

Pet Care and Pet Training – The perfect opportunity for all animal lovers. Professional people are often too busy to be able to walk their dogs every day, while many people struggle to house train their pets. Those who have the ability to successfully house train dogs and cats, and enjoy taking long walks will do well from this profitable opportunity.

Product Testing – Hundreds of companies are in need of product testers to try out and give feedback on their new products. These include things like cosmetics, toiletries, computer games, athletic gear, drinks and snacks, kid’s toys and hundreds more. The pay for this type of work is not great, but the bonus is you get your hands on lots of nice freebies that you never have to pay for.

Recruiting personnel – Work for companies and assist them in locating skilled personnel. This involves placing job ads, dealing with applications and setting up interviews. A computer with internet connection and a mobile phone are a must.

Wedding Planning – Every girl’s dream for sure, and also very profitable. Requirements include good organizational skills, and eye for detail and friendly personality. This is a competitive industry but also highly profitable.

Window Cleaning – Most business don’t know they need their windows cleaning until asked. Many window cleaners earn a very decent living going from door to door offering their services. Again, basic tools and a vehicle are required.

Tuition – For those with teaching experience or a wealth of knowledge in a particular subject, teaching students at home is a good possibility. Students can be found by placing ads in local newspapers or by word of mouth. A small investment is required for teaching materials. Pay is usually by the hour or per course.