Can You Make Money With Clickbank?

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Clickbank is a great way to make money on the Internet if you have information products to sell. It is a well-run Internet marketing machine and more and more people are turning to Clickbank to market their own products and find affiliate products to sell. Because it is automated, it is an easy business to run and once you set up your digital products, Clickbank generates tracking codes for affiliates. With over 10,000 listed products and well over 100,000 affiliates, it has huge potential and marketing power.

Clickbank can also handle third-party payments, so it is a good way for both the novice and the more experienced marketer to sell digital products. Clickbank is free to use as an affiliate seller and all you have to do is set up an account to have access to a huge diversity of digital products to sell for a generous commission.

If you have your own digital products to sell, Clickbank will allow you to tap into its enormous marketing power with the prospect of thousands of affiliates wanting to sell your product. There is a fee for sellers and a small percentage commission is payable to Clickbank but considering the potential market you can reach via this well-known company, a small fee is well worth it, especially when you consider that Clickbank also handles all the card processing and transaction fees involved with payments.
Making money as a Clickbank affiliate

As an affiliate, you will have free access to over 10,000 digital products, so there is bound to be something that you can sell. Commissions are pretty generous, often around 70%, making the effort of marketing Clickbank products worthwhile. There is a fairly wide variety of digital books to sell from business and making money to self-help books. The quality of the writing inevitably varies but Clickbank rates various products which you can use as a guide -- and of course, you can always buy the book and assess it before you begin selling if you are concerned about quality – and you should be!

Once you have found digital products you want to sell, you collect your tracking codes and start promoting on your website, blog, social media, forums and so on. Each time someone clicks on your link, they will be taken to the sales page of the product and when they make a payment, the system will automatically recognize you as the affiliate and the commission will go into account. The system couldn't be easier -- the hard part is driving traffic to your affiliate products!
Making money on Clickbank with your own products

If you have your own digital products, it's well worth trying Clickbank as a marketing strategy. You will need an account, which includes a small start-up fee and you will need a compatible website for each product you want to sell -- don't worry if you don't have your own website, Clickbank can direct you to website providers whose interface is already compatible with the Clickbank system. There is a fee attached to this, but all things considered, it is well worth paying.

Once your product is set up, you just need to make one sale for the marketing software in Clickbank to register your product -- then you are up and running and affiliates can find your product and start marketing it. Clickbank tracks and records any sales and as your sales figures go up, more and more affiliates will be drawn to sell your product. You may never know who is selling your book but this anonymous world is a fantastic way for everyone to win and make money.

With Clickbank, there is no need for you as a seller to go out looking for affiliates to promote your product -- the system is a fully serviced marketplace. Just set up your product and the system will do the rest, including collecting your profits into your account and paying them into your bank account. All you need to do is drive traffic to your product via Clickbank.

Affiliates will find you in time but you can do a lot to push your products yourself. Promoting your products whether it is through your own website or via Clickbank is vital to your success -- Clickbank is an amazing marketing machine but it will be your own marketing efforts alongside this system that will make your business a success.

While trends in Internet marketing are changing all the time and it is important to keep on top of what's new, there are lots of tried and tested ways to market your digital products such as registering with directories and search engines, comprehensive SEO on your site, article marketing, blogging, joint ventures and social media marketing as well as traditional advertising on- and offline. Look at what other successful marketers are doing and if you promote your digital products hard, especially to affiliates, you should reap the rewards.