Make Money Online

We’ve all heard it’s possible to learn how to make money online, but just how easy is it really? A quick search on Google will lead to hundreds of different websites, all offering get rich quick schemes and intrepid ideas for making hundreds of dollars in just a few short weeks. There are many legitimate ideas for making money online, but at the same time, many scams abound on the internet with the ultimate purpose of doing nothing more than lure unsuspecting individuals into parting with their cash.

To avoid the scams, it’s important to realize that making money online isn’t easy, and very rarely will the money come quickly. Making money online takes dedication and lots of hard work. For sure, some methods are easier than others, and some may produce results faster than others, but in all cases, it’s necessary to work hard to see any rewards. For those prepared to put the time and effort into their endeavors, many opportunities await.

Affiliate Marketing – Entails selling other people’s products online for a commission. To do so, it’s necessary to create a niche website offering a certain product or product line for sale. For each clickthrough on the site that leads to a sale, the affiliate marketer will receive a percentage of the cost of the product.

Audio File Transcription – This requires a good command of the English language and good hearing. Transcribers can advertise their services on freelance websites such as Elance and oDesk.

Domain and Website Flipping – Similar to the concept of ‘flipping’ real estate, this involves identifying available website domains and selling them on for profit. Alternatively, it’s possible to make niche websites, market them and then sell them on to affiliate marketers.

Dropshipping – Similar to affiliate marketing or eBay, this involves setting up a storefront website and earning a commission selling products for wholesalers.

eBay – Traders can sell just about anything via eBay. This involves identifying a good product, locating a source and then listing items for sale at a profitable price. Profit margins aren’t all that great, but with time and a good eye for what sells, it is possible to sell thousands of items each month.

Freelance Writing – Those with good writing skills can get paid to write articles for websites. Possible clients include webmasters, marketers and bloggers. Freelance sites such as Elance and oDesk are good places to advertise writing services.

Logo Design – Good designers can advertise their services on freelancer websites, or else sign up to marketplaces like and get paid to design logos for businesses and individuals. Creativity and a good knowledge of graphic design software is required for this.

Online Surveys – Dozens of websites exist which pay individuals to fill out surveys in exchange for money. Beware that not all sites offer payment in cash, some will instead offer prizes such as free entry into sweepstakes. This work is generally quite low pay, but those with lots of spare time on their hands can make decent money.

Online Tutoring – Those who have teaching and/or tutoring experience may be able to make money by tutoring students remotely online. There are dozens of online tutoring schools looking for experienced professionals. Online tutoring normally pays by the hour and is done remotely using live chat and interactive white board tools.

Social Media – Many companies and individuals are looking for skilled social media marketers to manage their social media profiles. This involves posting updates, tweets, replying to posts and messages etc, with the goal of adding more fans/followers.

Stock Images – Websites such as iStockPhoto and Fotolia are willing to pay photographers on a commission basis for their work. Photographers upload images to the website, and each time a customer downloads an image, the photographer will receive a percentage of the fee.

Surfing the Web – Some companies pay people a small amount of money to browse the web, visiting websites and staying on them for a short while. Payment for this type of work is low, and many scams exist so it’s necessary to research for legitimate companies first.

Translating – There is a big demand for individuals with language skills to translate documents. Those with language skills can advertise their services on freelance websites such as Elance, oDesk etc.

Virtual Assistant – Virtual assistants fulfill all manner of tasks, from data entry and sending emails to editing tasks, making phone calls and more. Freelancer websites such as Elance and oDesk are a good place to start looking for work.

Website Design & Maintenance – Those with good programming skills can make money designing websites, installing plugins, fixing bugs etc. Websites such as Elance, oDesk and Warrior Forum are good places to find thousands of small projects, many of which are surprisingly well paid.