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IBP is a top-rated website promotion software tool that helps you to get more customers and sales through high rankings on Google and other major search engines. This great tool checks, submits to the search engines and optimises your website. Here are the main features. It's well worth a look and there is a free book which is well worth having - get the link at the end of the article...

Search Engine Ranking Checker

· 300+ search engines: Check your rankings on more than 300 search engines (including Google, Yahoo and Bing Search) from more than 30 countries.

· Fast: Check your rankings on many search engines at once.

· Powerful: Check an unlimited number of URLs and as many keywords as you want.

· Accurate results: Get the most accurate results. IBP uses real Microsoft Internet Explorer windows (invisible to the user).

· Human emulation: Search engines cannot find out whether a human web surfer or IBP is querying them.

· Search engine friendly: IBP causes as little traffic as possible for the search engines. Often, IBP causes even less traffic than the average surfer performing the same ranking check.

· Track rankings over time: IBP stores previous ranking checks and tracks rankings over time. See whether your rankings are going up or down.

· Search depth: Check as many as 500 results for each keyword and search engine.

· Ranking reports: Create ranking reports in four different formats: web page (.htm), PDF document (.pdf), text file (.txt) and Microsoft Word document (.doc).

· Customize your reports: Use your company colours, company fonts, font sizes and font styles, your own headers and footers, your company name, your company URL, your company logo and much more.

· Personalize your reports: Personalize the ranking reports and sell them to your clients.

· Export: Export ranking check results as comma-separated files (.csv) or tab-delimited files (.tab) that can be imported by database applications. In addition, export results as Microsoft Excel documents (.xls).

· Scheduling: Save valuable time by automating and scheduling your ranking checks. Your rankings can be checked whenever you want, for example daily after hours, or on the first Friday of each month.

Search Engine Submitter

· Submit to 500+ search engines: Submit your website to more than 500 search engines, directories and special interest sites from more than 30 countries, including Google, Yahoo and Bing Search.

· Submit automatically or manually: Submit your website automatically or semi-automatically. You have the choice.

· Submit to directories: In contrast to other promotion tools, IBP is able to submit to Internet directories.

· Submit to industry-specific sites: Submit your website to industry-specific websites (vortals/vertical portals). Generate more traffic to your website and increase the link popularity of your website.

· Submit to search engines that require validation codes: IBP even allows you to submit your website to search engines that require validation codes. You just enter the validation code and IBP does the rest.

· Powerful: Submit as many websites as you want.

· Fast: Submit to many search engines at once.

· Human Emulation: The automatic submission with IBP is exactly the same as a manual submission by a real person: IBP uses a real web browser and even waits before clicking the submission form. The only difference is that IBP does the work for you and that you save a lot of time.

· Artificial intelligence: The semi-automatic submission uses artificial intelligence, filling out the submission form as completely as possible. Usually, you only need to click the Submit button.

· Submission reports: Create submission reports in four different formats: web page (.htm), PDF document (.pdf), text file (.txt) and Microsoft Word document (.doc).

· Customize your reports: Use your company colours, company fonts, font sizes and font styles, your own headers and footers, your company name, your company URL, your company logo and much more.

· Personalize your reports: Personalize the submission reports and sell them to your clients.

· Scheduling: Save valuable time by automating and scheduling your ranking checks. Your rankings can be checked whenever you want, for example daily after hours, or on the first Friday of each month.

Top 10 web page optimiser

· Get top rankings: IBP analyzes the current top search results for any keyword on any search engine and compares the top ranked pages with your website. The report tells you in non-technical English the items that you must change on your pages to obtain a top ranking for the given keyword on the chosen search engine.

· Always up-to-date: IBP's Top 10 Optimiser is always up-to-date because it uses the current search results in real-time.

· Powerful: Choose any keyword or key phrase. Choose from more than 300 search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing Search. Select any competitor site. Check your web page as often as you like. Optimise as many web pages as you want.

· Thorough: IBP analyzes more than 75 web page elements that search engines use to rank a website, including link popularity, directory submission, meta tags and link texts.

· Easy-to-understand reports: Select the level of detail in the reports, for example professionals can see statistical tables, and novices can read an explanation of the tables in non-technical words.

· Personalise reports: Customize the optimisation reports so that your clients can see what's wrong with their web pages without seeing what must be changed on their sites. Personalise the reports and sell them to your clients.

· Customise reports: Use your company name, company URL, company logo, company colours and company fonts in the reports. Customise the report title, headers, footers and much more.

Inbound link tools

· Get high quality inbound links: Improve the rankings of your website even more by getting links from related websites.

· Get one-way links: Quickly find related websites, directories and link pages that want to link to your website.

· Powerful: IBP includes ARELIS, the most advanced tool for link management, link exchange and link popularity.

· Save time: Save valuable time by letting IBP do most of the work for you. IBP even fills out directory submission forms for you, so that you'll get links as quickly as possible.

· Reports Create link popularity reports in four different formats: web page (.htm), PDF document (.pdf), text file (.txt) and Microsoft Word document (.doc).

· Customise reports: You can customise almost every aspect of the report, for example the company name, company URL, company logo, font sizes, font styles, colours, headers, footers and much more.

· Personalise reports: Personalise the reports and sell them to your clients.

Website Optimisation Editor

· Optimise your web pages: Optimise your web pages so that search engines can fully read them.

· All important web page elements: Quickly edit the web page title, meta tags, IMG ALT attributes and even the link texts of your web pages.

· Live keyword density analysis: IBP displays the keyword density values of your web page elements in real-time while you're editing them.

· Complete HTML editor: The website Optimisation Editor offers a fast, fully-fledged text HTML editor with search & replace, syntax-highlighting, auto-indenting, line numbers and undo/redo capabilities.

· Local Search Tags: Add geographical meta tags to your web pages to make your web pages ready for the Local Search feature of search engines.

· Special meta tags: Add the Meta Googlebot tag and the Meta MSNbot tag to your web pages. IBP also supports the NOODP, the NOYDIR and many other search engine related meta tags.

· Website management: Quickly switching between different pages of your website, you can copy files, rename files, etc.

· Competitor analysis: Download competitor web pages and see how they design their pages.

· Standards-compatible: The website Optimisation Editor alters the HTML source of your web pages as little as possible, preserving your HTML source code style. It also supports XHTML code.

· Beginner-friendly: Simple explanations of all web page elements, such as IMG ALT attributes or meta tags, are only a click away.

Keyword analysis research

· Find popular keywords: Quickly find keywords that are common enough that people actually use them, but unique enough to generate highly qualified, targeted traffic.

· Manage keyword lists: Quickly generate and manage lists of keywords and key phrases that you can use for your pay per click management, or to optimise your web pages.

· Multiple languages: Get keyword suggestions in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Danish.

· Export keyword lists: Export your keyword lists to text files, databases (comma-separated or tab-delimited files) or to Microsoft Excel.

· Specialised keyword list editor: If you have to edit keyword lists, simple text editors waste a lot of time. IBP's keyword editor offers all necessary features to edit small and huge keyword lists.

· Professional features: Quickly remove duplicate keywords, search and replace keywords with "regular expressions", import and print keyword lists, remove quotes and sort keywords alphabetically.

· Powerful: Edit an unlimited number of keywords. Edit multiple keywords at once.

· Fast: If you edit 200 or 200,000 keywords, the keyword editor remains fast.

· Generate new keywords: Generate new keywords by combining existing ones, for example the keywords "search engine" and "marketing" generate the new keywords "search marketing", "engine marketing", "search engine marketing", etc.

· Add mis-spellings: Let IBP generate a list of common mis-spellings and typing mistakes of the selected keywords. These targeted keywords are frequently searched by your market, and probably still available for the minimum bid price at pay per click search engines.

· Google AdWords support: Convert your keywords to "Phrase Match" phrases or "Exact Match" phrases to get more targeted traffic from your Google AdWords keywords.

Powerful scheduler

· Save time: Let tasks run after hours and save valuable time without being in front of your computer.

· Very flexible: Tasks can be executed once, daily, weekly or monthly. Create flexible schedules, for example "every first Monday of each month" or "on the 15th of every month, except for December".

· Powerful: Create an unlimited number of tasks - even for the same project. Run any task immediately. Cancel the currently running task. Temporarily switch off all scheduled tasks.

· Log texts: The log text of every task tells you when a task has run, how long it has run and if the task has run successfully.

· View tasks live: Watch how IBP's tool windows are automated - live in a miniature window on your screen.

Project management

· Easy to understand: It's easy: one IBP project represents one website. This means you only have to enter the website information and the client information once for all IBP tools.

· Easy to use: Quickly add, duplicate, edit, schedule and remove projects in one place - the project management window.

· Powerful: Manage an unlimited number of websites and clients - only limited by disk space (1000 clients need only about 1 GB).

· Multiple projects at once: Work on multiple projects at once, for example check the rankings for one project/client and generate keywords for another project/client.

· Re-use project settings: Easily transfer project settings and report settings from one project to another.

Save money

· All the SEO tools that you will ever need: IBP offers many professional tools that cover all aspects of website promotion and search engine optimisation.

· Get more for your money: Other software vendors let you pay for every program update. Your IBP purchase, however, includes 12 months of free program updates, free search engine description updates, and free email support.

· Free SEO eBook: The IBP manual not only explains the user interface of IBP, it also includes a comprehensive introduction to search engine marketing with easy to use checklists on more than 150 pages.

· Keep informed: We offer a free weekly search engine ranking newsletter that keeps you informed about the latest search engine rankings news (more than 220,000 subscribers).

Free download

Free download: IBP runs on Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7.