How Can Video Clips Help Your Business?


The Internet is getting more and more interactive all the time and there has been an explosion of video sharing sites that can host your videos. You can show videos on your own website and post them in blogs and social media sites – people love them! When you think of the number of video clips that go viral you will begin to see the enormous potential that videos have to get your marketing message across and create a big buzz for your offers.

Short video clips are very easy to produce yourself and can be created straight from your PC with a web cam and some editing software that is easily available. You could also get professionals to produce a very high quality video but that is a very expensive way of achieving it. Unless you have a very expensive product that requires professional standard marketing materials, a home produced video can be just as effective. The main thing is that it gets your marketing message across in an interesting and relevant way. So how can you use video clips to market your business?

Demonstrate your product in action

Why not show some footage of your product or service in action? A short video can be far more informative than long pages of text and web content. We all know that pictures speak louder than words, well videos can speak a lot louder than photographs. A demo video is very easy to produce and post on the Internet.

Make sure your video shows the main benefits of your product or service. You could have a video of you talking about your product, an action video of your product being used or you could put together a presentation of still photographs and written text which can be animated and brought to life in the form of a video.

Customer testimonials

Testimonials are a tried and tested way to show prospective customers that your products and services work and that they are a worthwhile investment. Written testimonials are great but video testimonials can be even better. If you can persuade your happy customers to talk about their experience with your business and your products and services, then get them to talk to your video camera in return for a small thank you — perhaps a money off voucher or a bonus freebie.

Post your customer testimonial videos on your website and within your blog and post them on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also post them on You Tube, which has a huge potential audience of your videos.

Marketing tool

If you have produced a good video, you could consider using it as a marketing tool. Why not copy it onto a CD along with a written sales letter and send it out to your prospects. This is a cost-effective way of delivering a brochure to your customer and duplicating CDs is likely to be much cheaper than printing thousands of brochures.

Instruction videos

Your customers might appreciate a video on how to use their new product, rather than be faced with struggling through pages and pages of instructions. A short instruction video is easy to put together and can save your customers hours of head scratching and stress while they learn to set up and use their new product. These sorts of videos can be used for a wide diversity of products and would be especially useful for highly technical products and DIY furniture assembly, for example. You might even find that your instruction video might encourage further sales when your customers realize that you can make life so much easier. Not only will they return for more, but they will recommend other buyers as well.