Deadly Sin #4: Picking Products that Offer Meager Commissions

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If you’re marketing to a list of people, they’re only going to consider so many product offers in a given period of time, so select the ones you promote wisely.

If you promote something that only generates a 25% commission for you, then you’re leaving a lot on the table. In reality, you could probably find a similar product that offers a 50% or 75% commission.

One of the reasons that I almost always offer 75% to 100% is to give the new affiliate a great chance to get some cash behind him. This ensures that if he makes any mistakes he has enough to support those mistakes.

The last thing I want to do is lose a good promoter of my products because I was too greedy!

In terms of the actual pound/dollar /euro value of the commission – don’t sweat that as much. While many top name Internet marketers now say that they concentrate on promoting high-ticket items (since only a few sales will generate a lot of money), you can still make some decent money at around £25-30 - $35-39.

Personally I have never seen the big attraction in cheaper products, they tend to attract a more difficult customer base, this is why I like to start you off at £69.95 - $99.95

So avoid the cheapo sellers, but don’t worry as much about the price.