Deadly Sin #2: Picking a Low Converter

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As an affiliate marketer, your goal is to profit from the hard worker others have done; and from the money they have spent on copywriters, product developers, and software.

If you select a product that underutilizes these advantages, you are likely to benefit less.

Take, for instance, conversion rates. Not all product creators hire a top-notch copywriter. In fact, many of them just write their own copy (I pay a professional copywriter over £6000 for each and every sales copy).

Many also don’t hire someone to do graphs for the sales page. Instead, they try to do their own.

The end result?

The page looks hideous, the copy contains major errors, and the product converts poorly.

Before you start promoting any particular product, read the sales page copy carefully and compare it with others.

Do you feel compelled to buy?

Did the graphics throw you off?

Did the copy fail to reel you in for the catch?

These can all amount to fatal errors for both the seller and you. You cannot help the seller at this point, but you can avoid his product and find a better one.

So, do yourself a favor: choose your products carefully.