Top 10 Most Voted FICTIONAL Mentors of All Time (And Why)

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Even if you don’t thirst for knowledge, someone has changed your mind. Even if you hate being controlled by a mentor and be taught with ideas and other learning stuff, someone has changed your heart—your mentor. This is because your mentor is simply worth all the pain, the hardworking you have to do, and the daunting lessons you have to learn.

For mentors who deserve to be voted as the best and most outstanding coaches and teachers of all time, you just have to bear the fact that your students or your protégée consider you their favorite, their role model.

The following are the names of the mentors who deserve to be respected for simply being, well, a mentor.

  1. Ms. Honey in Matilda is just the teacher everybody wants to have. And if you want to be adopted, Ms. Honey who should sign the adoption papers. Plus, you get to live with her in a massive mansion and play all the games with her as if there’s no class the next day.
  2. Cool teacher you say? You are apparently pertaining to Ms. Norbury in Mean Girls. Not only is she cool but she is also a good listener. If you are suffering from emotional breakdown and your world just turned upside down because of certain reasons, you can go home and miss the class and that’s okay with Ms. Norbury.
  3. Professor Snape is way better than Dumbledore and McGonagall and there is nothing left to argue with this truth. Though he doesn’t show much emotions and support, he is your friend in need. He is willing to send his Patronus if you happen to need his doe.
  4. Mr. Feeny Turner from Boy Meets World can be the greatest teacher you could ever ask for if you grew up in the 1990s. You will think twice whenever you will do something bad because the image of Mr. Turner just keeps flashing in your mind. Do you want to become a very good yet cool student? Mr. Turner will surely have ways to help you out.
  5. Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell can be your ultimate mentor friend and he can play both roles effortlessly and remarkably. If there is a cool dude in school who is teaching lessons like he is simply chatting with students that would be Mr. Belding. And if you feel like hanging out in the teacher’s office because you want someone to rely on and talk to, Mr. Belding’s office is wide open for you. He is the teacher you can trust on everything that bothers you.
  6. Ms. Cross in Rushmore is the teacher you can talk to and have cigarette with. Teenage boys will not simply swoon over Ms. Cross but they will swoon with respect. How is that for a million votes from teenage boy? Her sassy lifestyle is also a quality that Ms. Cross portrays. So, who says teacher are simply boring and dull folks?
  7. Mentoring for Mr. Brackett from In and Out is the greatest and most rewarding thing to accomplish. To be or not to be a gay is a daring question to pose for Mr. Brackett but no matter what, he is the teacher that you can trust if you are seeking acceptance. Your confusion will turn into a deeper understanding of who you really are if you have a nice chat with Mr. Brackett.
  8. Principle Skinner from The Simpsons is definitely one of the most popular mentors of all time; if not the most-voted mentor you could ever think of. His brilliance, quick thinking, and easy-go-lucky nature make him a strong leader and mentor.
  9. Uncle Ben Parker from Spider-Man has certainly marked a deep impression in the hearts of many when his protégée stated: “With great power comes great responsibility.” If you want to become honorable, respected, and remembered, be inspired by Uncle Ben Parker. His moral guidance to Peter Parker has made Spider-Man a remarkable figure to adore and admire.
  10. Matrix’s Morpheus has definitely taught Neo everything he needs to become “The One.” Creating a legend is easier done than said if Morpheus is the person on your back teaching you with not just combat skills but how to become a better person.

Who is number one in your heart? Well, it could be the hardest decision that you could ever make. So, the following most-voted fictional mentors of all time are simply mentioned and described randomly. Learn more about them if you want to cast your vote.