Get Subscribers Fast

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Your subscriber list can form the core of your business but it's not always that easy to build a large list of people's e-mail addresses. For a start, these days your list has to be completely permission-based, you can't get away with spamming people. Also, people will unsubscribe from your list and there will always be a percentage of people that simply ignore you and never open your e-mails. It seems to be a constant struggle to get people onto your list and keep them interested enough to want to hear from you again and to buy your products.

However, there are a few strategies for building your list and winning over your prospects:

Free membership sites

One good way to get people onto your site and opting in to your list is to use a free membership site that has frequently changing content with extra perks for people willing to give you their contact details. Perhaps you could offer a bonus report or manual as an instant reward for joining up. If your free membership site was successful, you could even developed a paid membership section where your free members would upgrade and get even better content and special offers.

Article writing

Another great way to get traffic to your site and motivate visitors to subscribe to your list is to write articles. This gives people a sample of your work and an idea of what you can do for them. Make your articles really interesting and well written and you can't fail to attract a following of people wanting more. Submit your articles to article directories and make sure you have links to your site or even an opt-in form if possible so that people can sign up there and then.


Blogs allow you to develop rapport with your readers which will encourage them back to your blog sites for more on a regular basis. Get people to sign up for further communication in the form of a newsletter or instant notification of your blog posts, so they don't miss anything.

Free digital books

If you have a really good quality downloadable book, consider giving it away for free with lots of links included back to your website and your other products as this can be a great way to get people to sign up to your list. If you don't want to give away the whole book, why not create a report from your book and give that away -- you may just be able to sell copies of your book from that sample.

Another great vehicle to use is Amazon Kindle. If you can create a Kindle book, you will be able to offer a large free sample of the book and include links from there. If people like what you have written, you will attract them to your site to sign up for more.


You don't have to give away downloadable products, you can offer free samples or vouchers, free T-shirts and so on. Why not consider teaming up with another company and coming up with a deal that will benefit you both. Don't give anything away without collecting your prospects contact details first.

Prize draws and competitions

To make sure you get someone’s contact details, you could give away freebies but make a contest out of it. Again find something worth giving away, or team up with another relevant company and find a way to run a competition in order to get names for your list.

Offer a referral reward

If you can get people to refer a friend, you can double or triple or even quadruple your signups. Try coming up with an incentive for both the referee and the friend -- if it something really worthwhile, it could take on a life of its own and become a viral marketing campaign.

Joint ventures

These days, joint ventures between companies are commonplace and are a great way to tap into each other's resources while benefiting your own company. Usually, joint ventures involve promoting your product to your partners list and vice versa and it is a win-win situation.

To maximize your chances of success, why not develop several of these ideas -- you are sure to increase your list and subsequently your chances of making sales.