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Learn how to develop new business ideas, recognize and spot opportunities and develop sound business plans

10 Ways to Face Your Fears

Fear can be a crippling emotion, and it is one of the few emotions that almost alwayspresents itself physically within the body. When a human gets scared, the heart starts beating faster, the stomach begins to clench or flutter, and the palms start sweating. ...Read More

10 Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Running a successful business is certainly no walk in the park. With so manyopportunities to misstep and fail, it’s a wonder, sometimes, that any entrepreneurs succeed in their endeavors. ...Read More

10 Reasons Why Successful People Always Win

Recently, featured a contribution by writer Paul B. Brown. The case studyposted on the Forbes website discussed the reasons why the most successful entrepreneurs throughout the world seem to continue in their successful paths while people who are familiar with failure seem to keep right on failing. ...Read More

8 Ways to Raise Money for a New Business

One of the questions that I seem to get asked more than any other with regard to the smallbusiness startup process is, “How do I raise the necessary money to get my business off the ground?” The short answer to this question is that raising funds is a long and grueling process, ...Read More

Nick Woodman: Stories of Success

Forbes is a magazine for the businessperson looking to gain a little insight, a little inspiration, and a lot of motivation to achieve his or her own unique set of dreams., the online version of the popular business magazine, is a great resource for the budding business owner. ...Read More

Sean Parker: Stories of Success

Occasionally, shares profiles of some important entrepreneurs and self-starters. These profiles are intended to provide inspiration and ideas to other self-starters. ...Read More

20 Ways to Master the Art of Self-Discipline

Running a successful business is a constantly adapting and changing process. Whatworks one day may result in total failure the next. Business owners are constantly required to change their actions, make business resolutions, and exercise their strong sense of self-discipline to ensure that the job gets done right the first time. ...Read More

30 Inspirational Celebrity Quotes

We often assume that celebrities are air-headed, overinflated, charmed-living individuals who don't have a realistic understanding of the world. On the contrary, though, most celebrities are passionate and determined individuals who have achieved their celebrity status through a great deal of hard work and effort. ...Read More

20 Ways to Maximize Motivation in Business

Motivation is an elusive concept. Sometimes, business owners and their employees aresuper motivated to achieve reachable goals and push a business forward. On other occasions, motivation seems to slip away and lethargy or discontent settles into a work environment. ...Read More


Three BRAND NEW Social Marketing Videos to help explode your ...Read More
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