Make Money With Online Competitions

One great way to make extra money and win amazing prizes is through online competition sites. Most people only think about winning money through the lottery but the chances of winning any amount of money, let alone the jackpot, with the lottery are very slim. Online competitions may offer smaller prizes in comparison to the millions of dollars you could get with a lottery jackpot, but the chances of winning are much higher.

So what can you win with an online competition? Well, recent competitions included:

Win a two night trip to New York to attend the New York fashion week party

Win $25,000 cash plus a seven night trip for 2 to Hawaii

Win the ultimate unscripted Caribbean vacation

Win $10,000 cash

Win $5,000 cash

Win a New York getaway

Win an iPad

Plus lots more tempting prizes including cash, holidays and heaps of luxury items…


Most of these prizes are put up by companies wanting to promote their business and their products and services. Often they are established companies with large marketing budgets that can offer big prizes but there are lots of smaller companies offering less valuable prizes – and they are all worthwhile entering to get something for free!

Most of the time, companies offer prizes as an incentive to get people to sign up for their Facebook page or their opt-in list, so that they can contact you in the future about special offers and promotions. It’s all permission-based, so there is no long-term obligation to continue to receive e-mails or regular mail from these companies — you can simply unsubscribe any time you like.


You could come across an online competition by serendipity — simply being in the right place at the right time, or you could sign up to any of the online competition website that are available now. These list all the latest competitions — some only list competitions in the US, but others list competitions from around the world including the UK and Australia. Often you can win amazing trips abroad by entering competitions in other countries.

All you have to do is register with a competition website and you will be sent details of all the latest competitions. Do an online search for ‘online competitions’ and find a site or two that you like.

What you have to do to win?

Entering competitions is usually dead easy and most of them simply require that you enter your details to an opt-in subscription form or ‘like’ them on one of the social media sites such as Facebook.

There are lots of easy entry minor competitions with small prizes and although the prizes might be less valuable, don’t forget that many of these small competitions will have fewer entrants than competitions offering big cash prizes, so your chances of winning are much greater. If you have no personal use for your prize, you can always give it away as a birthday gift (saving you money) or you could list it on eBay and make some cash out of it. You could even turn it around and offer it as a prize in a competition to promote your own business.

Any reputable company will offer free prize draws, you should never have to pay to enter a competition — be wary of any competition that requires an entry fee. There are plenty of competitions available to enter for free, so focus on those.

Some competitions will require you to write a slogan or give your opinion on something. Often this is in 25 words or less and in fact, these can be good competitions to enter because there will be fewer entrants willing to make the effort to think up a catchy slogan.

Here are some of the recent winners to the ‘Hairy Lemon’ competition with a prize worth $10,000

The prize draw question was:

“What would you do with Hairy Lemon’s Ultimate $10,000 pick me up?”


“I would take the opportunity to get out there and try some extreme sports, get the blood pumping. with hairy lemon, anything extreme is possible”

“Time for an energy activate, get myself ready for another take. Hairy Lemon’s boost on life, a beach honeymoon as husband and wife”

“Plan a big party for all my friends with loads of Hairy Lemon for the guests to take home for next the day of recovery”

“A smile will take me a million miles. A perfect set of teeth is what I need. Hairy Lemon’s 10,000 would complete my dental dream”

“Laps with Schumacher, Tennis with Federer and then a boogie with P-Diddy. Waking up each morning with a hairy lemon by my side. What fun!”

Good luck with your competitions!