Deadly Sin #5: Failing to Collect Leads

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Always, always, always capture leads.

Rather than generating traffic through pay per click, search engine optimization (SEO), and other traffic building methods and then sending that traffic to your affiliate link, you should make an effort to convert them into list members first.


Two reasons: simple mathematical reasoning and the collective experience of many marketers.

The simple mathematical reasoning goes something like this: virtually everyone who would have purchased the product will opt in to your mailing list.

And many who definitely would not have purchased the product will opt in to your mailing list. Instead of converting at a rate of around 1-3% (in affiliate sales), you will convert between 15 and 40% of visitors (to your mailing list).

From there, you will get the chance to contact the willing buyers and the more reluctant.

Additionally, once they’re on a list, this is no longer a one-off effort. You get the chance to market to them again and again for months or even years.

As an online marketer, one of the best tools you have available is your list.

So always, always, always use your list over the one-off sale.

I know many people that have quickly built up small but very responsive lists but have never tried to sell any other product than their very first one!